KKL-JNF is responsible for over 375,000 acres (150,000 ha) of forests and woodlands.

  • KKL-JNF forests and woodlands:
    • combat desertification
    • improve carbon balance in the environment
    • mitigate climate change
    • create “green lungs” within and around communities
    • enhance biodiversity
    • improve quality of life
  • KKL-JNF develops biospheric parks, which serve as the ultimate integration of people and their environment.
  • KKL-JNF staff are on guard 24 hours a day, preventing wildfires in forests and woodlands, using fire watchtowers and the latest firefighting equipment.
  • KKL-JNF implements the latest research in rehabilitating areas damaged by wildfires.
  • KKL-JNF prevents desertification through savannization, the most environmentally sound method of desert afforestation.
  • KKL-JNF fights soil erosion and land degradation which threaten fragile desert ecosystems.
  • KKL-JNF creates desert parks, drawing people to the desert by creating the ideal combination: desert landscapes and recreation.
  • KKL-JNF shares its expertise and experience with many other countries, in the fields of soil conservation, desertification, afforestation, water economy and sustainable agriculture.

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