JNF University (JNFU) celebrated its fifth anniversary this September with new and innovative initiatives that will continue to inspire students from coast to coast. JNFU finished the 2018-2019 Academic year with stronger connections and will continue with this momentum for the year to come. 

Last year we held several events on campus that brought back some familiar faces to the campus fold. Last November, Paralympic Gold Medalist Noam Gershony returned to Canada to speak to students in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon. While in Saskatchewan, Noam spoke to several news outlets to offer his support to the victims of the Humboldt bus crash. His message of hope and overcoming challenges helped lift the spirits up in a province that was recently shook last spring by the tragic accident. The overall response was once again wonderful and left Hillels excited for more speakers like Noam from JNF University and JNF Canada. We thank Noam for his eagerness to keep coming back to Canada and helping JNF University show the true meaning of Hasbara.

JNFU also led a series of successful Tu Bi’Shevat programs across the country which was spearheaded by our campus representatives. JNFU helped sponsor events such as terrarium building and Shabbat dinners. More and more we are seeing our students taking more leadership roles and initiating events on campus. This is all part of our long-term goal in order to help spread the message of JNF Canada and JNF University. For the next academic year, we will work in collaboration with our Education Emissary, Yifat Bear Miller, to build more educational based Tu Bi’Shevat programs to offer Hillels across Canada. 

We will continue to create new and exciting missions for students to take part in and bring students back to Israel. In the spring of 2019, JNFU collaborated with KKL and participated in the Young Leadership Eurovision Mission to Israel. Canadian students joined 30 participants from around the world to see a different side of Israel that was truly a once in a lifetime. Aside from travelling the country and visiting projects, students took part in official Eurovision events and even received tickets to the semi-finals! Canadian students saw first hand that JNF-KKL is one global family and they developed meaningful friendships with students from around the world. Students returned to Canada feeling inspired and wanting to do more on campus and in their local communities. We cannot wait to see what the year holds for these inspired participants! 

The purpose of JNFU is to always be there as an added resource for students and Hillels alike. We will be expanding our podcasts and blog posts this academic year by showcasing various JNF-KKL project leaders from across Israel. Students and Hillel staff alike will be able to have exclusive access to interviews and hear the stories from inspiring leaders in Israel. 

For more information on how to get involved visit our website www.jnfu.ca