JNF creates recreation sites, agricultural infrastructure and revenue-generating tourism facilities for Israel’s developing communities.

JNF Canada is proud to fund a myriad of projects enriching the lives of the people of Israel.
You can direct your generosity to any one of these vital projects through a JNF contribution.
(Note that with a donation of $6,000 and above your gift will be recognized at the project site in Israel).

Support a Project:

Jaffa Daled Playground

The Jaffa Institute, home to one of Israel’s most diverse populations, is seeking funding to support the development of safe and interactive outdoor green spaces for children participating in multiple programs at its Jaffa Daled Center.The Institute aims to provide the children it serves with safe recreational facilities tailored to their specific ages and developmental stages. This will ensure that facilities have a positive therapeutic impact; create greater opportunities for social skills development through outdoor play and sport; and, provide productive outlets for releasing physical energy and pent up frustrations.

Beit Halochem Ashdod

Beit Halochem is a place where injured and disabled victims of terror can regain their dignity and quality of life. When they leave the hospital, Beit Halochem is there to help them rebuild their lives. An integral part of Beit Halochem’s mission is to provide disabled veterans and their families with everything they need to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. JNF will help fund the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy wing that will be built at the newest Beit Halochem Centre in Ashdod that will serve almost 7,000 injured and disabled veterans, as well as victims of terrorist activity, who are living in that region of the country. Together with their families, more than 15,000 people will benefit from access to a facility in Ashdod.

Migdal Ohr- Mishpachton

Migdal Ohr is a pride of Israel for educating and nurturing more than 12,000 disadvantaged and new immigrant children from all across the country. Each child receives an education, meals, clothing and healthcare, in addition to extra-curricular activities and emotional support. The Mishpachton Project- Residents will live together with an adoptive family of two parents and their own biological children. This model allows the at-risk children to grow up in a safe, supportive and nurturing family environment—people who best understand their needs and have embraced them as their own. Your support to Migdal Ohr will help bring the Mishpachton project to life. JNF will assist Migdal Ohr with the construction of five new buildings to house 500 orphans and at-risk youth together with their foster families. Living with nurturing parents, these children will be afforded a warm and loving environment at the most impressionable time in their young lives.

Resilience Centre in Sderot

JNF Canada will help build a New Trauma Resilience Centre in Sderot that will provide therapy for children and adults suffering from PTSD.

The current facility is located in a building that is not reinforced for rocket attacks, is not accessible to those with disabilities, and is too small to accommodate the growing number of clients.

Thanks to your generosity, JNF Canada will provide the final $250,000 needed to help construct the building necessary to double the number of patients treated. The local authorities expect a dramatic increase in the number of individuals referred to the Resilience Centre.

Leket Israel

JNF Canada has partnered with the Israeli National Food Bank to help provide healthy, nutritious food to those in need in Israel.

1 Dollar = 1 Meal

Please help our brothers and sisters by donating any amount you can.

JNF is proud to support Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank to provide food for those in need.


Amcha – The Israeli Center for Psychological Support of the Survivors of the Holocaust and the Second Generation is a registered non-profit organization, established in 1987 by a group of Holocaust survivors and dedicated mental health professionals. There is an urgent need for donation for renovation of the center in order to make the “second home” of these survivors as pleasant as it can be, and to ensure that their final chapter of life will be better.


ADI Jerusalem

ADI Jerusalem Center is a warm and loving home for over 80 children with severe multiple disabilities, all of whom need support to perform daily activities such as eating, bathing, sitting and basic hygiene. The center was founded on the belief that every individual is special; that each human being is equally deserving of love and respect, and deserves the opportunity to develop to full potential and enjoy a high quality of life. The new wing is designed to create a warm, home-like, pleasant atmosphere, and families are welcome partners in the care of their children at any time of the day or night.