Jaffa Daled After-School Educational Enrichment Center

Each year for Tu Bi’Shevat — the New Year of the Trees — JNF chooses a special area in Israel to plant trees or a meaningful environmental project to support in celebration of Jewish Arbor Day.

While none of us have been spared from the consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns, these negative effects have sadly been more acutely felt by certain demographics, namely children, immigrants and the poor.

As we plan a post-pandemic life, the more than 300 needy immigrant children (aged 3-12) who depend on the services of the Jaffa Institute’s After-School Educational Enrichment Centers on a daily basis are in dire need of upgraded playground facilities at both of their two locations, Neve Ofer and Jaffa Daled.

For vital physical and mental health reasons, these days more than ever, the demand for safe and fun outdoor play areas for our youth cannot be overstated.

This Tu Bishvat, let’s join together in helping at-risk immigrant Israeli youth overcome some of the challenges of the lockdown by building and repairing their dilapidated recreational facilities.

For a minimum of $18, you will receive a special certificate.
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Plant some trees to attract the bees at Plugot Forest!

This Tu Bishat, we invite you to participate in our most time-honoured tradition and help us renew the arson-balloon damaged Plugot Forest with new, “bee-puller” trees to increase the bee populations by attracting other bees to the area. Bees are central to the functioning of our entire ecosystem by fertilizing which produce 90% of the world’s food.

Located in the Northern Negev close to the city of Kiryat Gat, the Plugot Forest holds great significance in Israeli history as the site of one of the great battles during the War of Independence and includes many other heritage sites and is a wonderful recreational spot for families to spend quality time immersed in nature.

This year, plant some trees to attract the bees!

Let JNF Decide:

Let JNF decide the area of greatest need by helping at-risk youth through the Jaffa Daled Centre, and aiding in food security by planting trees to attract bees in the Plugot Forest.

You can also consider giving a monthly gift to the project of your choice.