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Building the Leaders of Israel’s Tomorrow
With the Beit KKL JNF House in Sderot
Partner with us to help build the Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot, as we aim to close the educational achievement gap and foster academic success and empower periphery youth.
The Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot, the city closest to the Gaza border, will serve as an after-school education, empowerment, and enrichment center for high school students from Sderot and its surroundings, who will be provided with the necessary tools and skills for academic and personal success.
The building will be fortified, protecting students and staff from rocket and mortar attacks and will also be accessible to people with disabilities. Its design will be invitingly clean and bright, with large windows to let in natural light, colorful wall illustrations, and open spaces, creating an environment and ambiance unlike that of a school.
The Beit KKl JNF Canada House will be surrounded by a courtyard for outdoor studies and comprise learning spaces of different sizes and relaxation areas equipped with a variety of educational and multimedia resources to encourage creative learning based on the edutainment model of informal education.