JNF is responsible for over 375,000 acres (150,000 ha) of forests and woodlands.

JNF Canada is a proud to fund of a myriad of projects enriching the lives of the people of Israel.
You can direct your generosity to any one of these vital projects through a JNF contribution.
(Note that with a donation of $6,000 and above your gift will be recognized at the project site in Israel).

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Plugot Forest

Plugot Forest covers an area of about 625 acres.

Today it serves as a green lung for the nearby city of Kiryat Gat, which is located east of the forest.

The forest restoration process began about three or four years ago and included cutting down about 12 acres of atrophied trees so that new trees could be planted in their place.

Help JNF restore this forest by planting new trees.