Our 2020 Giving Tuesday campaign is benefiting the projects that show the diversity and variety of JNF. We are rehabilitating, restoring, rebuilding and supporting our communities in Israel. 

Join the Jewish National Fund of Canada today on Giving Tuesday and be a part of the movement. Give, donate and take part in making a difference in Israel. With your support, JNF can continue to build the foundation for Israel’s future.

Take a look below to see how your donation can help dozens of projects around Israel! 



After School Facility For At Risk Youth

The Jaffa Daled After-School Educational Enrichment Center provides educational, nutritional, recreational and therapeutic support to at-risk children, ages 6-12, 70% of whom are of Ethiopian descent. While the Center currently serves 30 children, there remains a critical need within the community to assist additional children and their families. To address these challenges, with your support, JNF Canada will make it possible for the Jaffa Institute to expand the Centre by building an additional floor to the existing building. The new floor will include six rooms which will be used throughout the day for a variety of activities and programming for both children and parents.



Social Services Centre For Youth

JNF Canada is making it possible for the Israel Tennis and Education Center to be utilized as a Social Service Complex which will house activity centres as well as social-support resources that will address the needs of children, teens and young adults in the rapidly expanding and economically- challenged areas. The facilities will feature daycare, parent/child drop-in-center, language development programming, classrooms for academic tutoring and remediation, a computer lab, a gym and fitness centre, club rooms for youth and the elderly, social worker support and more.

Physio Therapy Wing For Wounded Veterans

JNF Canada is building a physiotherapy and hydrotherapy wing serving wounded veterans and severely injured victims of terror is now being built in Ashdod. Those who are severely wounded, with permanent injuries, require a tailor-made individualized program, receiving treatment up to 4 times a week from experienced physiotherapists with extensive training. The new leading-edge Centre in Ashdod will provide critical life changing services for Israel’s brave men and women injured in the line of duty.

Foster Home For At Risk Youth

Migdal Ohr is a pride of Israel for educating and nurturing more than 12,000 disadvantaged and new immigrant children from all across the country. Each child receives an education, meals, clothing and healthcare, in addition to extra-curricular activities and emotional support. JNF Canada is building a new foster home for Migdal Ohr. The Mishpachton program is to create a true family dynamic. Residents will live together with an adoptive family. This model allows the at-risk children to grow up in a safe, supportive and nurturing family environment.

Trauma Centre   

JNF Canada will help build a new trauma resilience centre in Sderot that will provide therapy for children and adults suffering from PTSD. The current facility is located in a building that is not reinforced for rocket attacks, is not accessible to those with disabilities, and is too small to accommodate the growing number of clients.

Dental Clinic For Special Needs Children

JNF Canada Is making it possible for Aleh’s new school building to include a state-of-the-art dental clinic, which will circumvent most of the issues unique to the population of children with special needs by providing dental services to the ALEH students enrolled in the new school facility, as well as people with special needs from the surrounding communities.