Eitanim Hospital

This is a comprehensive landscape development project at the Eitanim Hospital on Mount Eitan in the Jerusalem Hills. The hospital is part of the Jerusalem Centre for mental health and its patients, in need of psychiatric day care and long-term rehabilitation, are from Jerusalem and its vicinity. The landscape project will be designed to create safe, green and pleasant spaces conducive to well-being and health.

Aleh Negev- Nachalot Eran

Aleh Negev – Nahalat Eran is a rehabilitative village in Israel’s Negev offering a warm home, loving family and rehabilitative lifeline for hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens – children, adolescents and adults with severe complex disabilities and accompanying medical conditions. This urgent need has become all the more profound in the shadow of the Covid-19 crises. This hospital will provide in-patient rehabilitation to hundreds of patients in a venue close to home. Your support of the establishment of the hospital will be recognized with a prominent dedication of the Neurological Patient Ward.


Migal is one of several research institutes throughout the world working intensely to create a vaccine for Covid-19, a disease infecting millions across the globe causing thousands of deaths and resulting in unprecedented shutdown of the world. Migal is the largest research institute in the Galilee and Golan and aims to be a research powerhouse that collaborates internationally with industry and academic institutions.