Support Howie Osterer’s Baseball Legacy
in Israel


In memory of the late Howie Osterer z’l, donations are being directed to support baseball in Israel via JNF’s Project Baseball.

Project Baseball collects money to build baseball fields in Israel.
Project Baseball is one of the many projects JNF runs to help Israel. JNF is not just trees any more. The existing baseball fields in Israel are few and far between. The fields that they do have are in poor condition. Project Baseball gives children who have made Aliyah a taste of home and provides a tool that will help them bond with their new Israeli peers. Children making Aliyah with their parents have the opportunity to sign up for Project Baseball before they arrive in Israel, giving them something familiar to look forward to and commonality that will bridge the cultural gap of moving to a new place.

To learn more about Howie Osterer z’l and his love of baseball and Israel, please click on the links below:

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