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Help JNF support life changing work for the citizens of Israel.  You can direct your generosity to any one of these vital projects through your JNF contribution.

Please donate generously to any of the following projects or contact the JNF office to learn about other available projects.  Donations of $6,000 and above will receive recognition at the project site.

Supporting Israelis Living with Autism

Aluteva Guest House in Carmiel

ALUTEVA is a unique guesthouse that houses children with special needs and their families. It provides a place for families to rest and regain their strength while knowing their children are in capable hands, in a place designed specifically for them. JNF will create a green space with fitness equipment for both the children and their families staying at ALUTEVA and for the autistic adults at the occupational center on the site. The equipment will be completely accessible to people with disabilities.



Beautifying Jerusalem

Teddy Park In Jerusalem

JNF Canada is proud to partner once again with the Jerusalem Foundation. The Teddy Park project is a magnificent undertaking in honour of Teddy Kollek, the much loved Mayor of Jerusalem.

Located in Jerusalem, Teddy Park includes a multitude of fascinating elements to attract visitors. JNF Canada will bring new life to a 19th century historic building and adopt two of the most prestigious gates surrounding the park. This historic building, central to the park, represents a very significant period in “modern” Jerusalem’s history as one of the first neighborhoods outside the old city walls.

Teddy Park Information Package


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TEDI Park-Malca Barkay-KKL (45)


Tours For Children With Special Needs

Tours For Children With Special Needs

JNF is funding an outreach program for diverse special needs populations, including students from special education frameworks, children affected by terror attacks, children living with cancer and other groups. For each group, a tailor-made program is developed to meet their needs and capabilities. JNF Forests and recreation centres offer ample opportunity for a multi-sensory experience and to learn about the environment. Whenever possible, visiting groups of special needs youngsters are integrated with other groups, helping to break down stereotypes and to integrate those with different needs into the community at large.