Community Development

JNF creates recreation sites, agricultural infrastructure and tourism facilities for Israel’s developing communities. Whether it is building new communities; preparing land for farming; developing parks, trails and community forests; or creating green parent-soldier meeting points, JNF is there for people and their environment.

Research and Development

We take our forestry work seriously, investigating scientifically how best to plant, care and maintain forests and woodlands. Forestry at JNF does not stop here: it also includes a variety of other subjects – soil-plant-water relations, people in their environment and how people use forests, just to name a few. JNF is partner to research in the fields of forestry, watershed management, carbon sequestration, alternative energy sources, animal and plant reintroduction, arid land management problems, and heritage & history.

Water Preservation

Israel has three water sources: Lake Kinneret, the Mountain Aquifer and the Coastal Aquifer. Israel also has JNF. JNF gathers water, drop by drop, from Negev and Galilee flash floods, and from wastewater treatment facilities throughout the country, to enrich Israel’s water economy by a total of 260 million cubic meters.

Forestry and Environment

At JNF, we know the secrets of the forest. When we first started, our goal was to green Israel, and we planted large expanses of fast-growing conifers. For many years, JNF was synonymous with planted pine forests in Israel. As awareness on the importance of biodiversity grew, our approach to forestry changed. Today’s forests barely resemble those of the past – they are varied and open, providing a welcoming home to a broad range of plants and animals, and serve as wonderful recreation for all types of people. JNF is responsible for over 375,000 acres (150,000 ha) of forests and woodlands.

Tourism and Recreation

Today’s Israel is a Green Israel, with a wealth of national treasures lovingly developed by JNF. JNF has created thousands of parks, forests and recreation areas, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, preserving Israel’s beauty and natural resources for future generations.


A well tended sapling grows into a tall, strong tree. A child who is nurtured and inspired to love Israel and to care for it will grow into strong, upstanding citizens with a strong sense of identity. This is what the JNF Youth and Education Division is about – nurturing the next generation so that they can in turn love and nurture Israel, their heritage.


JNF plants trees in areas with significant security issues, allowing residents, and tourists to move around the area safely and securely.