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Step 3: Our family would like to support the “Vancouver Shelter” in Rishon Le Zion by donating the following amount:

Support to the Vancouver Shelter



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Sponsors and Donations

Family Patron

Leon & Beth Bogner
Shay (Shy) & Mickey Keil
Jonathon & Karly Leipsic
Peter & Karen Leipsic
The Lohn Foundation
The Pollock Family
VTT Chesed Club
A special thank you to CHIMP and The Tzedakah Project

Family Sponsors

The Merkur Family

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Harvey & Jody Dales
The Hessel Family
The Israels Family
The Seguin Family
Arnold & Anita Silber

Family Friends

Dr. Robert & Marilyn Krell
The Miller Family
The Porte Family
The Robibo Family

Family Builders

The Ames Family
The Azuelos/Neville Family
Allan Black
The Boroditsky Family
The Braha Family
The Cherniak Family
Eytan & Zehavit David
Carrie & Craig Diamond
David Goldman
The Grouchko/Fennemore Family
The Harris Family
The Helper Family
Howard & Simone Kallner
Joel & Tara Kallner
Jonathan & Shannon Kallner
The Lowenstein Family
The Pekarsky Family
The Sandler Family
The Silverman Family
The Solomon Family
The Wiseman Family

Family Supporters

The Adirim Family
The Ariel Family
The Averbach Family
The Bakonyi Family
The Bogner Family
The Bressler Family
The Brown Family
The Chetner Family
The Corenstein Family
The Dodek Family
The Ezekiel Family
Marla & Harold Groberman
The Joseph Family
Selma & Basil Kallner
The Kimel Family
The Kotik Family
Shoshana & Shawn Krell
The Kushnir Family
The Laksman Family
The Lanciano Family
The Laskin Family
The Leinburd Family
Michael & Nita Levy
The Pacht Family
The Perlman Family
Bianca & Darren Plotkin
Renee & Shaun Plotkin
The Rogachevsky Family
The Rootman Family
The Rosenberg Family
The Ross Family
The Rossman Family
The Rothstein Family
The Sachs Family
The Seidman Family
The Sewell Family
The Shachar/Vardi Family
The Shahrestani Family
The Shecter-Balin Family
The Simpson/Shustik Family
The Tarnow Family
The Thal Family
The Van Den Berg Family
The Wasel Family
The Wenner Family
Dr. Sherri & Eden Wise
The Zabek Family


Rona Black
Joe & Karyn Gold
Morley & Fay Shafron
The Solomon Family




Jewish National Fund, Pacific Region is working with ‘NO to Violence Against Women’ to build a shelter for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Established in 1978 by Israel Prize Laureate Ruth Rasnic, ‘NO to Violence Against Women’ has been helping victims of domestic violence by providing emergency housing, running a 24 hour helpline and advocating for the rights of women.

A shelter houses 10-12 families at a time and provides victims of domestic violence with a safe environment where they can start over. Staff and volunteers work with the families to access therapy, secure income, and find new housing.

At present, 65-70% of women and children fleeing abuse cannot get into shelters as there are not enough emergency shelter beds in Israel. JNF and ‘NO to Violence Against Women’ are working to change this by building a shelter in Rishon Le Zion. The shelter in Rishon Le Zion will be named in honour of your generous donations as the “Vancouver Shelter”. This project offers an important opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of women and children in Israel. This shelter is for everyone, regardless of background. As such, the shelter will be instrumental in bridge building between communities within Israel.

‘NO to Violence Against Women’ currently runs three shelters in Israel. The Hadera and Herzliya shelters have recently been rebuilt and with your help, the Vancouver Shelter of Rishon Le Zion will be rebuilt.

Our goal is to raise over $1 million CAD for this project. While we have raised a significant amount for it already, we need your help to get us across the finish line!


Contact Us

Jewish National Fund of Vancouver

950 West 41st Avenue
Suite 301
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 2N7
Email: van@jnf.ca
Telephone: 604.257.5155