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Dear Educators and Readers,

The Education and Youth Division of the Jewish National Fund takes pleasure in presenting you with an information and activities booklet, appended to the JNF Stamp Album on the topic of Jerusalem. Since they were first produced (in 1902), JNF stamps have been a way to redeem tracts of land in the Land of Israel, a symbol of national rejuvenation and a means of educating and publicity.

In this booklet we offer new, fascinating and varied ways of getting to know and to learn, through living the experience, of various topics related to the City of Jerusalem in general and the connection between the city and the JNF and with subjects such as history, heritage, Zionism and ecology, in particular. The compendium of activities appearing in this booklet examines Jerusalem from various angles and through various methods of teaching and training, emphasizing awareness and experience. The proposed activities suit school children from the 1st to the 9th grades. Some of the activities in the booklet require the preparation of simple aids.

We wish you fruitful and enjoyable activities


The Jewish National Fund, Education and Youth Division