Mitzpe Ramon is situated in the middle of the Negev Desert. It is a beautiful area of the Negev with the Machtesh Ramon (crater) at the town’s edge. Although the area attracts tourists (to visit the crater), the economy of the area is weak and resources are few.

In the Sapir neighbourhood, there is a school for children ages 9-14 and a ‘college’ for religious students where the graduates commit to five years of military service instead of the requisite two. For years, these two educational institutions have shared a small courtyard for their sports activities.

KKL-JNF and some local philanthropists agreed to develop a proper outdoor sports complex for the students and children of the neighbourhood because they recognized that sports and outdoor activities are important for the development of young people.

The integrated site includes volleyball courts, basketball courts, a football (soccer) field and more. What makes this site unique is that when completed, it will feature a shade cover to provide relief during the summer from the oppressive heat which often exceeds 40 degrees celsius . This addition will strengthen the attraction of the site.

In the morning the site is used by the younger children and in the afternoon and evening the facilities are used by the yeshiva students and neighbourhood children and teens.