Tuesday morning started off with a bang, as we awoke to a raging thunderstorm in Gesher Ha’ziv. However, we did not let this deter us from having a day packed with activities. We started off with Yad Layeled, the children’s holocaust museum, which told the story of children in the holocaust in an artistic and symbolic way.

Next, we visited the underground prisoner’s museum of Acre and toured the old city, where we tried the most delicious falafel called “golden balls”. The key ingredient to this falafel was lemon! Following the old city, we took a walk through the Templers Tunnel of Acre, which was once used for smuggling goods in and out of the city.

Changing pace a bit, we visited the JNF funded Acre Botanical Gardens, where we enjoyed playing on the creative playground equipment, and strolling through the gardens, admiring the beautiful plants.

At this point the rain had stopped, but due to the heavy rain all morning, our hike at Betzet/Kziv stream was cancelled. Instead, we went to Rosh HaNikra at the border of Lebanon and walked through the enchanting grottos! Following the grottos we headed up to Adamit Park for a stroll and a team building game. What started as a rainy day ended with a beautiful sunset!

By: Michelle Lord