KKL-JNF is partner to research in the fields forestry, watershed management, carbon sequestration, alternative energy sources, animal and plant reintroduction, arid land management problems, and heritage & history.

  • KKL-JNF helps Israel maintain an agricultural and economic edge by funding foundational and applied research.
  • KKL-JNF trains professional foresters and supports agricultural research, working together with academic institutions in Israel and abroad for the benefit of people and the environment.
  • KKL-JNF R&D stations around Israel apply scientific research for the improvement of agriculture.
  • KKL-JNF supports and implements Research & Development projects with global implications, and shares its knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.
  • KKL-JNF has a major impact on the Israeli economy by helping to create employment opportunities in agriculture, and developing the export capacity of fresh produce, fish and flowers.