Negev Dinner 2018


The Honourees

JNF Toronto is proud to honour Julia and Henry Koschitzky at the 2018 Negev Dinner. The Koschitzkys are recognized as an extraordinary example of a family that has been reborn from darkness and suffering to success in the world of business and generosity in assuming communal responsibility. In 2015, Julia Koschitzky was named to the Order of Canada. Their whole life has been steeped in Yiddishkeit, something both have imparted to their four children together with their involvement and active participation in Jewish communal life. Their proudest achievement to date – 19 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.


Leket Israel

Leket Israel

The 2018 Negev Dinner is supporting Leket Israel. Leket Israel is the largest food bank in Israel, and has been a leader and an expert in food rescue and distribution to needy people nationwide. At the core of Leket Israel’s transformative work is the complex logistical operation of sourcing, collecting, and transporting surplus food to where it is needed. Stringent food safety standards and Ministry of Health guidelines are maintained throughout the process. With Leket’s fleet of 20 trucks and vans, their staff and volunteers transport each week hundreds of tons of rescued food throughout the country to feed approximately 175,000 Israelis in need, regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic background.

To learn more about Leket Israel, please click HERE



Dinner Chairs

Judy and David Engel
Kitty and George Grossman
Debbie and Warren Kimel
Marsha and Michael Lax

Honourary Patrons

Bunnie and Ronald Appleby
Sen. Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski
Toddy and Irving Granovsky
Mira and Saul Koschitzky
Dr. Joseph Lebovic and Dr. Wolf Lebovic
Heather Reisman and Gerald Shwartz
Edith and Kurt Rothschild
Renée and Eli Rubinstein
Rosalie and Isadore Sharp
Fran and Ed Sonshine
Judy and Larry Tanenbaum

Executive Team

Rosanne and Steve Ain
Tobie and Ted Bekhor
Stephen Cole
Charles Diamond
Alex Eisen
Robert Furman
Leslie Gales and Keith Ray
Tammy Glied and Robert Beliak
David Goldstein
Pearl and Mark Gryfe
Tootie and Gerry Halbert
Anne Handelman
Judy and Tom Hofstedter
Jack Kahn
Sarena and David Koschitzky
Mo Lidsky
Lindy and Mark Mandelbaum
Naomi and David Mansell
Karen and Dov Meyer
Faye Minuk
Micki and Sam Mizrahi
Karen and Paul Morton
Neil Nisker
Jill and Joel Reitman
Carole and Marvin Sherkin
Bonny Silver
Darren Slavens
Linda and Sigmund Soudack
Linda and Fred Waks
David Weinberg
Jerry Werger
Frank A. Wilson

Tribute Committee

Barbara and Henry Bank
Brent Belzberg
Lesley Binstock Offman
Rena and Michael Buckstein
Donald Carr O.Ont.,QC
Esty Edell
Jack Eisenberger
Peter Ekstein
Judy Feld Carr C.M.
Nathan Disenhouse
Phyllis and Ab Flatt
Maxine Granovsky Gluskin and Ira Gluskin
Millie Gould
Sara and Harry Gorman
Shirley Granovsky
Edie and Robert Harlang
Donna Holbrook
Lianne and Bruce Leboff
Glennie and Nathan Lindenberg
Eva and Frank Mayer
Carol Mitchell and Richard Venn
Wendy Myles
Adrienne Offman
Sarah and Morris Perlis
Wendy Posluns and Lewis Mitz
Rochelle Reichert and Henry Wolfond
Judith and Jack Rose
Elie Roth
Marla and Jack Samuels
Lorraine and Alan Sandaler
Judy and Les Scheininger
Carol and Lionel Schipper
Faigy and Phil Schwartz
Donna Starkman-Shiff and Randy Shiff
Lori and John Ulmer
Nelly and Barry Zagdanski
Sara Zagdanski

General Canvass Chairss

Ron Schwarz
Joe Trager

JNF Future Dinner Chairs

Shana and Akiva  Aronson
Elianne and Adir Koschitzky

JNF Future Dinner Executive Committee

David Elmaleh
Paul Engel
Matthew Farb
Seth Greenspan
Jesse Kaplan
Rob Klein
Yonah Krakowsky
Ori Ohayon
Howie Paskowitz
Joseph Rutman
Dan Scheiner
Alexandra Sherman and Brad Krawczyk
Elana Zaionz-Winkler

JNF Toronto

Darren Slavens

Board Chair
Faye Minuk

Future Chairs
Faith Feldman
Jared Gaber

Executive Director
Jeff Springer

Campaign Director
Rafi Yablonsky

JNF Canada

Wendy Eidinger Spatzner

Chief Executive Officer
Lance Davis


Thank You to Our Sponsors


Dr. Joseph Lebovic & Dr. Wolf Lebovic


The Kuhl, Rosenthal and Schachter Families


Allan and Hinda Silber

Henry Wolfond and Rochelle Reichert

Kitty and George Grossman

Sigmund andLinda Soudack

Wendy and Stephen Cole



The Naiberg Family

Seymour and Beverley Saitowitz

Paul Bronfman Family Foundation


Irving & Toddy Granovsky and Family

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman/Living Jewishly

Brent and Lynn Belzberg

David and Judith Engel

Marika Glied / Tammy Glied & Robert Beliak

The Benjamin and Levitt Families


Lance Davis and Family


When & Where

Negev Dinner 2018

NOVEMBER 18, 2018

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6


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Toronto, ON, M3J 2V5
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Campaign Director
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