Tu Bi’Shevat Telethon 2018

Answer The Call and Make the Desert Bloom!

Tu Bi’Shevat Planting in Mishmar Hanegev


On Sunday, February 4, youth and adults will come together to call on our community to plant trees in Israel. As part of the annual telethon, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) volunteers will call supporters for donations in honour of Tu Bi’Shevat. All trees donated through the telethon will be planted in the Mishmar HaNegev Forest, located in the Northern Negev. Volunteers will encourage you to purchase trees to be planted to improve the landscape, creating a green belt around the village of Tarabin for the benefit of its residents and creating an ecological corridor along the Nahal Shmarya tributaries. The project includes preparing the land for planting and creating installations to collect runoff.

JNF plants trees with its particular brand of expertise aiming at creating a green environment appropriate for the desert. The tree species used in this project are adapted to harsh desert conditions and are planted at low densities per acre which allows the saplings to survive with no additional irrigation. Savannization was developed at JNF as a tool for rehabilitating eroded soils, stabilizing them and preventing further erosion, thus allowing the desert to bloom. The final product will be a well-balanced desert with its unique flora and fauna.

Tu Bi’Shevat, the New Year for Trees, signifies growth, renewal, and the continuity of life. By making a donation to JNF this Tu Bi’Shevat, you can reaffirm your bond with the land of Israel as symbolized by the deep roots of the tree.

For more information, to make a donation or to volunteer for the telethon, call the JNF office at 204-947-0207 or email wpg.assist@jnf.ca