In the summer of 2014, Israel was faced with another hostile period with the constant bombardment of rocket attacks throughout the country from Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Immediately, JNF Canada put together the 2014 Emergency Campaign with two projects to help provide respite and security to Israel’s citizens.

Thank you for responding to the needs of our brothers and sister in Israel.

Help Build Mobile Bomb Shelters

Due to the urgent crisis in Israel, many developing communities in the south are not equipped to survive the constant barrage of missiles fired on their neighbourhoods.

In addition to moving children from the south to summer camps, JNF Canada is building mobile bomb shelters to safeguard the lives of these citizens, but we need your help in order to do so.

Each mobile bomb shelter costs $30,000.


Help Israeli Children Escape The Rocket Fire

Providing a break from the missiles cannot change the reality of what is happening in Israel, but it can help change the way residents cope with the crisis in their lives. Time away from the missiles gives children a chance to recuperate together and continue to function as normally as possible.

Your donation will allow respite from fear and insecurity as KKL-JNF hosts groups of children from southern Israel at summer camps in Nes Harim, Lavi and Zipori.

$180 donation pays for one child to enjoy a full day and night away at summer camp.