blue boxes

November is the month
of the Blue Box Campaign!

Fill it up, drop it off and pick up a new BLUE BOX!

In the ongoing saga of the small Blue Box and the “Big” Jewish dream, the Blue Box has its honoured place, a proud symbol of Jewish identity.

November has arrived, and so has the time to drop off your blue boxes at one of the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) locations to ensure you receive a tax receipt in the new year.

This year’s campaign include more locations to drop off and pick up Blue Boxes like Congregation Etz Chayim, Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun Synagogue and Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.

The traditional Jewish delis and cafes in Winnipeg are also partnering this JNF traditional Campaign: Bermax, Bernstein’s, Desserts Plus, Falafel Place, Gunn’s Bakery and Schmoozer’s.

If none of these locations work for you, you can also drop off your blue boxes at the JNF office at 225-530 Kenaston between 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-3pm on Friday, or call to arrange a pick-up. We appreciate all donations, but please note that in order to receive a full income tax receipt your blue box must contain $18 or more.

We want to thank the Winnipeg community for their dedication and support they have shown to the JNF over the years, and wish everyone happiness and good health!

The Blue Box has its honoured place – at home – at work – in school – in community centres. Now is the time to ensure the continuity of a meaningful tradition. Place a Blue Box in your home!

Congregation Etz Chayim
Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun Synagogue
Shaarez Zedek Synagogue

BERMAX CAFFE + BISTRO: 1800 Corydon Ave.
BERNSTEIN’S: 1-1700 Corydon Ave.
DESSERTS PLUS: 664 King Edward St.
FALAFEL PLACE: 1101 Corydon Ave.
GUNN’S BAKERY: 247 Selkirk Ave.
SCHMOOZER’S CAFE: 123 Doncaster St.