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FNJ Université (FNJU) engagera et dynamisera les jeunes leaders impliqués et passionnés par Israël.

JNFU a été développé pour les étudiants sur le campus afin d’offrir des programmes, des événements et des missions en Israël, dans le but de connecter des étudiants à d’autres jeunes leaders juifs. JNFU amène des conférenciers sur votre campus afin d’informer les étudiants tout en leur donnant les outils nécessaires pour présenter positivement Israël. JNFU est une valeur ajoutée pour les étudiants à qui l’on apprend, grâce à des initiatives amusantes et innovantes, tout ce qu’Israël a accompli.

Les opportunités de programme pour les campus sont:

– Séders de Tu Bi’Shevat
– Podcasts
– Vacances de printemps alternatives
– Opportunités de volontariat en Israël
– Intervenants pédagogiques
– Programme de développement du leadership sur le campus
– Programmes de mentorat
– Événements de réseautage

JNF University (JNFU) will engage and energize young leaders who are committed and passionate about Israel.

JNFU was developed for students on campus to offer programming and events, missions to Israel and connecting to other young Jewish leaders. JNFU will bring educational speakers to your campus in order to inform students and give them the tools needed to positively showcase Israel. JNFU is an added value for students that will teach them what Israel has accomplished through fun and innovative initiatives.

Program opportunities for campuses are:

– Tu Bi’Shevat Seders
– Podcasts
– Alternative Spring Break
– Volunteer Opportunities in Israel
– Educational Speakers
– Campus Leadership Development Program
– Mentoring Programs
– Networking Events


  • “I can’t wait to get started with JNFU! I look forward to being able to educate others about Israel with these informative webinars. I am very excited and grateful to know that JNF will always be there, prepared to give all the resources needed to make sure that students are always informed and educated about Israel. I am most excited to know that JNFU will be focusing on Israel as a whole – the culture, the innovations, the beauty, which is what Israel is all about!” – Liel Miron-Halyo, University of Guelph

  • “I am excited to be a part of JNF’s new initiative catered towards university students. I see JNFU as a way to better connect students on campuses to the bigger picture. When students attend university, they often lose track of what is going outside the school’s walls, i.e. what important progress is being made in the world, and how our politics, culture, and life evolves. JNFU will work to maintain a relationship between Jewish students, and their religion and homeland by bringing in speakers and hosting unique events. As a part of JNFU’s preliminary year at Western University, I cannot wait to help shape this program and start building stronger ties between students and Israel.” – Rebecca Hoffer, University of Western Ontario

  • “JNFU is truly a unique and amazing aspect of JNF. It gives university students the chance to be involved in JNF at a level that appeals to them on campus. JNFU is a refreshing change from many of the organizations that you see on campus. Instead of just defending Israel, JNFU will showcase to students why we should be celebrating Israel as well. I cannot wait for JNFU’s inaugural year, and all of the amazing programming and opportunities it will provide to students on campuses across Canada.” – Noa Zaifman, University of Western Ontario

  • “Through JNFU I will be able to strengthen my connection to Israel and meet students across the country that share my interests. I also hope to present Israel to my school campus in a way that disputes the negative stereotypes associated with it.” – Joshua Clarke, University of Western Ontario


JNFU Podcast Series

Episode 1 – Brothers for Life
Brothers for Life (BFL) is an organization in Israel where injured combat soldiers support each other through peer to peer support. The house is located near the airport and is accessible to members 24/7. There is a pool and other activities on the property. Established in 2006, BFL has grown from 40 members to over 780. In August we sat with Ohad Girchish who is the BFL Experience Manager to hear his story.

Interview with Ohad Girchish (to download)


Episode 2 – The City of Sderot
Sderot is a western Negev city that is in the Southern District of Israel. Unfortunately, due to it’s location, Sderot has faced many rocket attacks coming from Gaza. Through it all the city has persevered and the population has grown. The Mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, has worked tirelessly to bring more resources to the city so the people in Sderot can live regular lives. Playgrounds, tennis centers and more are being built to meet the needs of the community. We met with the Mayor himself to hear more about the changes coming to Sderot.

Interview with Mayor Alon Davidi (to download)


Episode 3 – Israel Tennis Centers – Negev Region
Founded in 1976, the Israel Tennis Centers (ITC) is one of the largest social service organizations for children in Israel, serving over 20,000 Israeli children every year. The ITC’s 14 centers stretch from Kiryat Shmona in the North to Beer Sheva in the South. Many of these centers are in underprivileged neighborhoods, providing disadvantaged children with a safe, structured and nurturing environment. We met with Yaniv who manages all the centers in the Southern Region.

Interview with Yaniv, manager of ITC Southern Region (to download)

Episode 4 – Beit Halochem
Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel, is a non-profit organization committed to rehabilitating, rebuilding and enhancing the lives of over 51,000 Israelis who have become disabled in the line of duty or as victims of terror. We met with Dr. Moshe Shemma at the centre in Tel Aviv to talk about the services offered to veterans.

Interview with Dr. Moshe Shemma from Beit Halochem 

Episode 5 – Ilanot School – Jerusalem
JNF Canada helped renovate the playgrounds of Ilanot Special Education School in Jerusalem. The school serves children, ages 6-21, with severe motor and cognitive disabilities. The schoolyard is designed to meet students’ physical, social and emotional needs. We met with a mother and son, where the mom told us about her experiences with the school and how it has helped her child. The principal of the school also gave us a short interview.

Ilanot School – Jerusalem

Episode 6 – Kiryat Gat – Hinenu
Atachlit Farm is a fascinating community project in Kiryat Gat that helps Jews from Ethiopia to integrate into Israeli life while retaining their cultural heritage. With the support of Friends of JNF Canada, the farm has embarked on two new projects entitled ‘Putting Down Roots’: a social club and an herb-production business.  We met with Geula Hadrei, who is the farm’s social coordinator, and was among those who came up with the idea for the spice-production workshop.

Kiryat Gat – Hinenu Project


Programme de développement du leadership FNJU

Le programme de développement du leadership FNJU s’étendra sur 8 mois (septembre à mai) et se composera de 4 éléments qui permettront collectivement aux étudiants de devenir des ambassadeurs d’Israël et du FNJ, leur fournissant les connaissances et les ressources nécessaires pour représenter positivement Israël sur le campus.

Chaque mois, les étudiants participeront à un webinaire éducatif où ils découvriront les problèmes relatifs à l’État d’Israël et comment le JNF-KKL y répond. En collaboration avec Hillel, les étudiants seront responsables de la planification et de l’exécution d’événements sociaux et éducatifs sur le campus. Les dirigeants du FNJ seront stratégiquement jumelés à de jeunes professionnels prospères, des leaders communautaires, qui seront en mesure de les guider tout au long du programme de développement du leadership.

Les étudiants qui terminent le programme participeront à une mission de justice sociale en Israël qui leur donnera l’occasion d’assister et de participer au travail extraordinaire de JNF-KKL en Israël.

Le programme de développement du leadership FNJU est offert sur tous les campus du Canada et est conçu pour être une valeur ajoutée pour les groupes d’étudiants déjà existants.

JNFU Leadership Development Program

The JNFU Leadership Development Program will span 8 months (September to May), and consist of 4 elements that will collectively build students to be ambassadors of Israel and JNF, providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to positively represent Israel on campus.

Each month, students will participate in an educational webinar where they will learn about issues pertaining to the State of Israel and how JNF-KKL is responding to them. In conjunction with Hillel, students will be responsible for planning and executing social and educational events on campus. JNFU leaders will be strategically paired with successful young professionals, community leaders, who will be able to guide them over the course of the leadership development program.

Students who complete the program will participate in a social justice mission in Israel that will give them the opportunity to witness and partake in the extraordinary work of JNF-KKL in Israel.

The JNFU Leadership Development Program is being offered on every campus across Canada and is designed to be an added value to already existing student groups.

Postulez au programme de développement du leadership JNFU
Apply To The JNFU Leadership Development Program


Voyage en Israël
Trip to Israel

L’Université JNF offre une variété de façons de retourner en Israël. Des missions aux opportunités de bénévolat, JNFU aidera les étudiants à trouver leur chemin.

JNF University offers a variety of ways to get back to Israel. From missions to volunteer opportunities, JNFU will help students find their way.

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Programme de mentorat
Mentorship Program

Le programme de mentorat est unique au programme de développement du leadership JNFU (LDP).

Les étudiants faisant partie du programme LDP seront jumelés à de jeunes professionnels en fonction de leur domaine d’études.

Ces jeunes professionnels se connecteront avec leur mentoré deux fois par semestre et offriront des conseils sur les futures carrières et les activités philanthropiques.

The Mentorship Program is unique to the JNFU Leadership Development Program (LDP).
Students part of the LDP program will be matched with Young Professionals based on their area of study.

These Young Professionals will connect with their mentee twice a semester and offer advice on future careers and philanthropic activities.


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If you would like more information, please contact Anna Kos, Campus & Young Leadership Coordinator, at or call 1.866.775.1563.

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