2019 Negev Dinner



The Honourees

For Ian and M.J. Stone, the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue tragedy of 2018 reaffirmed the need for Jewish communities to stand proud and united, and inspired the unassuming couple to accept the role as honourees of London’s JNF 2019 Negev Gala.

Raised in observant Jewish families in Windsor and London, respectively, Ian and M.J. married at Congregation Or Shalom in 1968 and settled in London, reinforcing their deep Jewish roots in southwestern Ontario. Since that time, they have been dedicated to promoting strong Jewish values within their work and family lives. Over the past 50 years, they have spearheaded highly successful businesses, and have raised a close-knit Jewish family — unequivocally characterizing their achievements as a collective endeavour.

As such, their children join them as JNF honourees: daughters Sari and Marla, and Sari’s husband Alon Shatil. They, with their children Levv and Mica Shatil and Jessica and Emma Bradlow as their greatest cheerleaders, uphold Ian and M.J.’s mandate of generously supporting numerous Jewish organizations, as well as other worthy causes. In memory of their son Mitchell, the Stones are especially committed to issues of mental health and addiction prevention and treatment, particularly within Jewish communities.

Nurtured by their relationships with one another and motivated by their personal heartbreaks, the Stone family has demonstrated their allegiance to Israel, the city of London, Jewish London, and the priority of Jewish continuity.


The 2019 London Negev Campaign will support the construction of a lecture hall at Retorno, an Israeli organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Retorno has successfully put shattered lives together, as well as prevented addiction from taking hold in the first place. It has become a leader in the treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery from substance abuse, and the mental health challenges that can lead to addiction.

Through seminars and workshops, every year, more than 25,000 people attend Retorno’s prevention programs. A large new lecture hall will greatly enhance Retorno’s ability to conduct these outreach and prevention programs. Current facilities cannot accommodate all those who need these programs.

According to Israeli government statistics, there are approximately 300,000 Israelis who abuse drugs. There are a number of organizations to treat those who become addicted, but Retorno is one of the very few dedicated to both addiction prevention and treating the mental health issues that so often accompany addiction.

Proceeds from the 2019 Negev Campaign honouring Ian & M.J. Stone and Family will provide the support needed to help construct this facility.


A celebration of life can always use an appropriate soundtrack, and we are delighted that award-winning guitarist Johannes Linstead will set the stage on fire with his sensational music. Linstead provokes passion and excitement in an unforgettable and enthralling display of fiery Spanish guitar and soulful jazz.

Named Canada’s “Guitarist of the Year,” Johannes Linstead is the winner of seven “Best Album” awards, has had seven top-10 albums on the Billboard charts in the U.S., and has earned numerous other prestigious awards, including a Juno nomination.

His music has been featured in popular TV shows and video games, and has been used in the Olympics. Johannes Linstead has become internationally recognized as one of the best-selling guitarists in the Instrumental, Jazz and World Music genres.

His performances have become known for “dancing in the aisles,” as few people can resist Linstead’s captivating rhythms.







If you are unable to attend our 2019 Negev Dinner, please consider making a donation to support the construction of a lecture hall at Retorno Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program.






































































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Ellie Cartman
Beryl & Noam Chernick
Yonina Chernick
Dominic Desando
William Frydman
George Georgopoulos
Marc Gerofsky
Monda Halpern
Sonia Halpern
Neil Kapp
Monica King



































Sharon Livingstone
Carol Marcus
Cheryl Mazak
Alan Perlmutter
Jeffrey Phillips
Brian Presner
Naomi Sheinbaum
Stephen Taran
Stacey Ublansky
Wally Zimmerman









































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Lance Davis























When & Where

Negev Dinner 2019

SUNDAY, June 2, 2019

The Lamplighter Inn


591 Wellington Rd.,
London, Ontario N6C 4R3


Food Stations: 5:30pm


Program: 7:00pm

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