JNF educates thousands of young people in Israel and abroad, helping them forge an everlasting bond with the Land of Israel.

JNF Canada is a proud to fund of a myriad of projects enriching the lives of the people of Israel.
You can direct your generosity to any one of these vital projects through a JNF contribution.
(Note that with a donation of $6,000 and above your gift will be recognized at the project site in Israel).

Support a Project:

Providing Scholarships for Jerusalem’s Hassadna Music Conservatory

JNF, together with the Jerusalem Foundation of Canada, will support children who are disabled, at-risk and of Ethiopian descent, by providing scholarships for Jerusalem’s Hassadna Music Conservatory. The Conservatory is one of Israel’s premier institutes of music education for youth ages 3-18. Hassadna provides each and every student with musical instruction of the highest caliber, while ensuring all children, have access to the joys of music, regardless of their background. Students at the Conservatory have won numerous awards in Israel and internationally and often continue their music education at Israel’s most prestigious universities. Hassadna’s orchestras and ensembles perform at Jerusalem-based celebrations and national events.

Therapeutic Riding Centre for Youth at Risk at Kfar Zoharim

JNF will assist the Zoharim Agricultural-Educational Youth Village, a 30 acre facility located approximately 45 minutes from Jerusalem, by constructing a horseback riding centre at its stables. The Village is currently home to over 100 students and provides a sage and stable environment for at-risk, orthodox boys who are often estranged from their families, often drug addicted and living on the streets. It serves as a home, school and workplace for these teens who so far have been unable to succeed elsewhere. The objective of this revolutionary program is to empower students and inspire them to build the self-confidence necessary to lead happy and productive lives.

Therapeutic riding is recognized as a treatment modality that allows for the healing of emotional scars and the development of new skills for positive and productive social interaction, improved academic performance and cognitive functioning. With your assistance, we can help ensure that the Youth at Kfar Zoharim will go on to live as independent, employable individuals who will contribute positively to their community and country.


Special Day in the Forest

A Day in The Forest is an ongoing outreach program that has been developed for diverse special needs populations, including students from special education frameworks, children affected by terror attacks, children living with cancer and other groups. For each group, a tailor-made program is developed to meet their needs and capabilities. Forests offer ample opportunity to use all the senses to experience and learn about the environment. Whenever possible, visiting groups of special needs youngsters are integrated with other groups, helping to break down stereotypes and to integrate those with different needs in the community at large.