In 1948, with the creation of the State of Israel, a new form of Canadian communal expression in support of Jewish National Fund came into being. It was called the Negev Dinner.

The Negev Dinner was created to honour outstanding communal leaders and significant events in Jewish life and, in so doing, gathered support for development of the Negev desert region, which constituted some 60% of the land area in the newly formed Jewish State.

The first Negev Dinner in Canada was held in 1948 hosted in honour of the newly formed State of Israel and was sponsored by Jewish National Fund of Toronto. Proceeds from these early Negev Dinners were initially directed towards the Negev; however, as needs in Israel grew, other priorities were added.

JNF sponsors Negev Dinners and Negev Galas from coast to coast and proceeds are devoted to major projects throughout Israel. These events represent a continuing rallying point for Jewish National Fund community-wide support across the country. Negev Dinner/Galas provide a prestigious forum for honouring community leaders and those who have given outstanding personal effort of behalf of the Jewish State. In many instances this has become the most prestigious organizational/social event in the local community.

2019 Negev Dinners/Galas


April 14
Honouring: Ralph Markin and Bob Markin
Project: Sderot Animal-Assisted Therapy Centre.

Calgary (Gala)

May 16
Wynne and Harvey Thal
Project: Leket Israel


June 18
Honouring: Freya and Lewis Wasel
Project: Airplane Park in Kiryat Shmona

Winnipeg (Gala)

May 27
Honouring: Steven Schipper
Project: In support of Beit Halochem


June 20
Honouring: Ari Freed and Dan Orman


June 2
Honouring: Ian & M.J. Stone and Family
Project: Support the construction of a lecture hall at Retorno


June 26
Honouring: Luba and Yves Apel
Project: Build a facility for Herzog Medical Centre in Jerusalem


November 11
Honouring: Sharon and David Appotive
Project: Save a Child’s Heart


June 19
Honouring: Barbara Seal
Project: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Building at Tel Aviv University