JNF Future is the gateway for the next generation to Jewish National Fund (JNF), the premier charitable organization specializing in the development of Israeli land and infrastructure. The goal of JNF Future is to engage individuals between the ages of 25 to 45 through programming and events, missions to Israel and forums with young Jewish leaders. The goal is to increase support and awareness for JNF’s initiatives, and ultimately to raise funds for these projects.

The four pillars of JNF Future are:


Creating initiatives in our city that will benefit and enhance the life of Israel’s citizens through JNF projects.


Creating opportunities for young professionals to learn about the different projects and causes JNF helps to create; teaches the different ways JNF is working in research and development to help grow/nourish Israel.


Engaging young adults and young professionals in meaningful Israel and Zionist programming that makes a difference in our community and in the State of Israel.


Creating opportunities for young leaders to be a part of JNF’s future and helping it grow and succeed.