planned_givingTraditionally, when someone leaves a legacy to charity, it is only after their lifetime that the project is implemented.

Through JNF Planned Giving you can now see your legacy put into action during your lifetime, by simply making a down payment.

JNF has made it easy to select a project close to your heart – help plan it, watch it develop and see it completed.
All of this can be done in your lifetime with only a portion of the total cost of the project paid now.

JNF Planned Giving enables you to establish your very own foothold in the Land of Israel, enjoying the fruits of your generosity now together with your family and friends.

JNF Planned Giving projects fall into the following areas to suit your individual interests:

Whichever project you decide to support, with JNF Planned Giving you know you will be meeting a critical need in Israel.

How does a JNF Planned Giving work?

After selecting a project to support in Israel, you give a deposit of 50% of the total cost. JNF will guarantee to complete your project as soon as possible. The balance can be settled from your Estate.

The balance of payment for your project will be covered by a suitably worded legacy included in your will, combined with a separate legally binding agreement not to revoke the planned giving.

Both the deposit and the balance are tax receiptable.

To learn more about JNF’s Planned Giving, please contact us at or call 613.798.2411.

Planned Giving Information Package