Mark an occasion that both recognizes the importance of the event and immortalizes the milestone forever in Israel.

The momentous day is inscribed in the JNF-KKL Honour Books in Jerusalem as a permanent record of this moment in time.

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SEFER HAYELED (8.5″X11″): $72

When a child’s name is recorded in JNF’s Sefer Hayeled-Children’s Registry in Israel, that child is forever inscribed in the chronicle of Jewish life. A birthday, a brit, the first day at school, lighting a first Shabbat candle all are milestones in the life of a child. Capture the moment and preserve precious memories with an Inscription in the Sefer Hayeled. The child receives a beautifully illustrated certificate in his/her honour.



The occasion of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah happens once in the lifetime. What better way to mark their coming of age than to have their names inscribed in the Sefer Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book of JNF on display at the JNF archives in Jerusalem. The child receives a special lapel pin and a personalized certificate attesting to his/her inscription in the Sefer Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem.

golden book

GOLDEN BOOK (11″X14″): $180

Theodore Herzl was the first to be honoured by an inscription in JNF’s Golden Book – followed by legions of ardent supporters of Israel. Any momentous occasion can be recorded for posterity. The memory of a loved one can be inscribed for all time in the Golden Book in JNF’s headquarters in Jerusalem. You will receive the Golden Book certificate, a beautiful document evoking the spirit of Zionism’s pioneers and the symbol of an ongoing commitment to that spirit.



When a Jewish couple stands under the wedding chuppah, the affirm their love for one another, for their people and for their land – the Land of Israel. Record this love for all time by inscribing the newlyweds in the Golden Book of Marriage, on display at the JNF archives in Jerusalem. Couples celebrating their Silver, Golden or any anniversary can also be honoured by an Inscription in the Golden Book of Marriage.