The Tree of Life Program

Calling all new parents!

One gift of life for your gift of life.

Mazel Tov on your new
bundle of joy!

JNF will plant a tree in Israel in honour of your newborn Jewish Miracle to create a deep-rooted living history.

Yearly, up until bar/bat mitzvah, your child will receive a birthday card and an updated picture of their tree so they can see how much it’s grown.

Your tree will contribute to the sustaining of all life as well as your child’s spirituality. We believe that teaching our children to embrace their Jewish roots from an early age will provide them with a strong foundation no matter how far they branch out into the world.

We encourage you to display your child’s carefully personalized JNF certificate. May your newborn have strong roots, a healthy trunk, shelter from winds, a gratitude for sunny days and a growing love for Israel.


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