JNF Canada will help build a New Trauma Resilience Centre in Sderot that will provide therapy for children and adults suffering from PTSD. 

The current facility is located in a building that is not reinforced for rocket attacks, is not accessible to those with disabilities, and is too small to accommodate the growing number of clients.

Thanks to your generosity, JNF Canada will provide the final $250,000 needed to help construct the building necessary to double the number of patients treated. The local authorities expect a dramatic increase in the number of individuals referred to the Resilience Centre. 

The thousands of children and families residing in Israel along the Gaza border are resilient and they won’t be intimidated by terror.

As one resident said,

“These days are challenging for us. Yet the hardest part is going from totally living life to emergency mode in less than one minute, without notice. I want to thank all of you for caring. Knowing we are not alone helps keep our spirit strong and allows us to move on. Am Israel Chai!”