First, they lost their parents.
Then they lost their home.

During the holiday of Purim, it is a tradition to dedicate charity to those in need – matanot l’evyonim. This year due to the crisis in Ukraine, there are countless people who need our help and JNF Canada will focus its efforts on a group of orphans who recently arrived in Israel.

This week, over 100 Ukrainian orphans, ages 2-18, traveled through Romania and safely arrived in Israel. Traumatized, and with little more than the clothes on their backs, these at-risk children and their caregivers recently arrived at the Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Center near Jerusalem. They plan to stay here for at least a month of acculturation, learning, and healing.

We’re on a mission to return the smiles to their little faces and a sense of security and well-being to their hearts.

First, they lost their parents, then they lost their homes. This Purim, these orphans need your help.

Your donation will help us provide them with:
• Toys, balls, and games
• Bicycles
• Sundries and personal hygiene items
• Playpens and car seats
• Field trips
• Evening entertainment including musical performers, magicians, and more
• Computers

JNF Canada will be sending funds immediately as the need is urgent. Please join us in our Purim appeal.