JNF educates thousands of young people in Israel and abroad, helping them forge an everlasting bond with the Land of Israel.

  • Field and Forest Educational Centers (FFEC) and Environmental Activities for Youth and People with Special Needs – spending time at a FFEC is a fun way for children and youth from Israel and abroad to experience the forest environment. Our inclusive environmental activities help strengthen the bond between people and the land. JNF also develops school infrastructures and landscapes school grounds.
  • Education for Immigrant Students & Peripheral Communities (MAOF) – “MAOF”, the Hebrew word for vision, is the acronym for JNF’s innovative environmental program aimed at new immigrant students and peripheral communities. JNF does its best to ensure that no one is left out – wherever they live and whatever their financial situation.
  • The Recycling Educational Center at the Duda’im Landfill is the prototype of others like it; a model of solid waste management and an innovative example of a hands-on ecological education experience.
  • JNF museums educate the public about the history of JNF and the development of the State of Israel.
  • JNF is involved in school education programs and summer activities in Israel and the Diaspora.
  • Forest Service Centers –JNF provides visitors to its forests with necessary services: information, food and restrooms.
  • The Blue Box – The values symbolized by the iconic Blue Box, synonymous with JNF and the bond between the Jewish people and their land, are perpetuated over the generations through our many activities.

The Bervin JNF Canada House in Sderot

Partner with us to help build The Bervin JNF Canada House of excellence in Sderot, as we aim to close the educational achievement gap, foster academic success, and empower periphery youth.

Please consider donating a Brick for $180 to help Build The Bervin JNF Canada House in Sderot.

Any donation made to help build The Bervin will be matched, dollar for dollar.