Dinner ticket sales have now ended. You can still join us for the virtual program with a minimum donation of $360+.

For JNF Future (ages under 40) a minimum donation of $75.

Digital Tribute Book

Click here to download Tribute Book Part 1 from the 73rd Annual Negev Dinner.

Click here to download Tribute Book Part 2 from the 73rd Annual Negev Dinner.


The Negev Dinner, in its 73rd year, is JNF’s largest event of the year, an elegant evening of dinner and entertainment. We are so pleased to be honouring senior spiritual leaders of Toronto synagogues. We would also like to thank and recognize all of the clergy serving our congregations for the critical work they do for our community.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there are too many unknowns as to the allowance of large gatherings for events, even in the fall. For this reason, we have decided to hold multiple, smaller Negev Dinners throughout the city on the same night.

For this year’s event you may host a table of family or friends in your home or order individual meals to your home in order to avoid the concern of having a large gathering of people in one place.

Virtual programming will be held for you and your guests to enjoy during the evening. We may be celebrating apart, but we continue to build Israel together.

The Honorees

This year’s Negev Dinner 2021 will be honoring our community’s spiritual leaders.

Our spiritual leaders are the unsung heroes of COVID-19; they have been there during the most difficult times over the past 18 months. Everything from pastoral care to communicating with lonely community members, they have worked tirelessly to keep our community strong.

We are pleased to have 18 dedicated professionals from across the denominational spectrum being honoured together this year, and bringing our community together in support of Israel.


Cantor Jeremy Burko
Rabbi Joshua Corber
Rabbi Adam Cutler
Rabbi Elliott Diamond
Rabbi Michael Dolgin
Rabbi Ed Elkin
Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich
Rabbi Jarrod Grover
Rabbi David Kadoch
Rabbi Daniel Korobkin
Rabbi Debra Landsberg
Rabbi Howard Morrison
Rabbi Avram Rothman
Eli Rubenstein
Rabbi Philip Scheim
Cantor Simon Spiro
Rabbi Yael Splansky
Rabbi Chaim Strauchler
Rabbi Steven Wernick

Negev Project


Who You Will Help

Children with autism are too often left on the sidelines, not fully understood with unique disabilities and wide-ranging levels of function. For young adults, navigating everyday life with autism can be an overwhelming and under-supported journey. It can also be overwhelming for parents, who feel helpless not knowing how to care for their child’s complex needs. ALUT (Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism) provides one-of-a-kind housing and care for young adults with autism and their families who have nowhere else to get support. Living in an ALUT residence offers both residents and their families the therapy, resources and structure they need to acquire daily life skills and live as independently as possible. JNF is a proud long-time partner of ALUT.

The Location

This residence will be built in Ra’anana, a small city 20km north of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Your Donation Will Fund

An ALUT “Home for Life” is a residential building equipped with living and therapy facilities for full-time residents. There, these young adults learn to fulfill their basic needs in personal hygiene, housekeeping, and food preparation. Facilities include private or shared rooms, kitchens, occupational and sensory therapy spaces, activity rooms for music, art and games, and green, healthy outdoor spaces. The buildings are accessible for the many residents in wheelchairs, and are also equipped with bomb shelters appropriately designed for autistic people during stressful situations.

About ALUT

Established in 1974 by parents of children with autism, ALUT is Israel’s predominant resource for families coping with autism and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), with the mission to ensure the well-being, rehabilitation, economic status, and future of people with autism in Israel. With 1,400 people on staff and a network of 400 volunteers in various locations across Israel, ALUT offers a comprehensive array of services for families, beginning at the time of diagnosis through adulthood.


Negev Dinner Committee 2021

Howard Lichtman, Chair
Steve Altbaum
Nathan Disenhouse
Dr. Howard Price
Ron Schwarz
Winston Siegel

JNF Toronto

Winston Siegel

Immediate Past President
Darren Slavens

Future Chairs
Sharon Marcushamer
Kortney Shapiro

Executive Director
Jeff Springer

Campaign Director
Rosie Sosnowicz

Program Director
Ruchie Shainhouse

JNF Canada

Beth Price

Chief Executive Officer
Lance Davis

When & Where

Negev Dinner 2021

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Various Host Homes in Toronto


Jewish National Fund of Toronto

400-1120 Finch Ave. West
Toronto, ON, M3J 3H7
Tel: 416.638.7200
Fax: 416.638.7345

Jeff Springer
Executive Director
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext.126
Email: jeff.springer@jnf.ca

Toby York
Donations and Tickets
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext.123
Email: toby.york@jnf.ca

Rosie Sosnowicz
Campaign Director
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext.137
Email: rosie.sosnowicz@jnf.ca

Michael Goodbaum
Advertising Opportunities
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext.130
Email: michael.goodbaum@jnf.ca

Ruchie Shainhouse
Program Director
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext.145
Email: ruchama.shainhouse@jnf.ca


Who is the honouree this year?

This year’s Negev Dinner will be honouring our community’s senior spiritual leaders (rabbis, cantors and religious leadership).

What is the project for this year?

This year in collaboration with ALUT: The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism, the proceeds from this year’s Toronto Negev Dinner will dedicate a residence for young adults with autism in Ra’anana.

The Home serves as a supportive, instructive and developmental environment, with life there affording its members the opportunity to acquire daily living skills.

Activities at the Home equip members to function as independently as possible, encouraging each and every one of them to fulfill their basic needs: personal hygiene, basic housekeeping, food preparation, etc.

Join us in creating a “Home for Life” for these special young adults!

What is the format of the dinner?

Last year we totally re-imagined the Negev dinner to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to ongoing health concerns, we are once again ensuring everyone’s safety by hosting the dinner in individual houses.

The evening’s regular programming, such as speakers and entertainment, will be presented virtually, for all guests to be able to watch in unison with other homes.
You can participate in the Negev Dinner in one of 4 ways:

1) Purchase a table and host a catered dinner for your guests.
2) Purchase a table and instead of hosting your table in person their meals will be sent directly to their homes.

3) Purchase dinner or dessert for 2 to enjoy in the comfort of your home with the event broadcast.
4) Receive the broadcast only for a minimum donation.

Who do I contact if I would like to purchase a table or participate?

JNF Toronto Campaign Director, Rosie Sosnowicz at (416) 638-7200 x 137 or rosie.sosnowicz@jnf.ca.

What is the price of an individual ticket?

The following options are available to participate:

1. Dinner for 2 – $1,800 ($1,500 tax receipt)
Includes: 3 course plated dinner for 2, bottle of wine (non-mevushal), and Tribute Book received with the broadcast.

You may add additional dinners at $900 per person ($750 tax receipt).

2. Dessert and Wine for 2 – $500 ($400 tax receipt)
Includes: Dessert for 2, bottle of wine (non-mevushal) and Tribute Book received with the broadcast.

3. Broadcast Only – $360+ (full tax receipt)
Includes: Access to the online program and a Tribute Book.

4. JNF Future Dinner for 2 – $500 ($200 tax receipt)
Includes: 3 course plated dinner for 2, bottle of wine (non-mevushal), and Tribute Book received with the broadcast.

5. JNF Future Dessert and Wine for 2 – $180 ($100 tax receipt)
Includes: Dessert for 2, bottle of wine (non-mevushal) and Tribute Book received with the broadcast.

6. JNF Future (Under age 40) Broadcast Only – $75 (full tax receipt)
Includes: Access to the online program and a Tribute Book.

When will tickets be on sale until?

Tickets are on sale until November 1st.