The Honorees

This year’s Negev Dinner 2020 will be honouring front line workers in Israel and Toronto, who dedicated their time and efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

The Project


ALEH Negev Nahalat Eran is a rehabilitative village in Israel’s Negev offering a warm home, loving family and rehabilitation lifeline for hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens –children, adolescents and adults with severe complex disabilities and accompanying medical conditions. ALEH Negev is in the midst of construction of a 108-bed faciliity that will provide care in a venue close to home.


The MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Ltd is a regional Research and Development center of the Israeli Science and Technology Ministry, owned by the Galilee Development Company ltd. An internationally-recognized and multi- disciplinary applied research institute, MIGAL specializes in biotechnology and computational sciences, plant science, precision agriculture and environmental sciences as well as food, nutrition and health.


Medical studies have proven that being immersed in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and pain. Although situated on a beautiful Jerusalem hilltop, patients of the Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital are surrounded by decades of dilapidated concrete. With your help, we will jumpstart the healing process by giving patients a safe, outdoor therapeutic garden to enjoy.


Howard Lichtman, Chair
Nathan Disenhouse
Faye Minuk
Wayne Pulver
Winston Siegel
Joe Trager

JNF Toronto

Winston Siegel

Immediate Past President
Darren Slavens

Future Chairs
Danielle Faber
Jordan Waldman

Executive Director
Jeff Springer

Program Director
Ruchie Shainhouse

JNF Canada

Wendy Eidinger Spatzner

Chief Executive Officer
Lance Davis

When & Where

Negev Dinner 2020

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Various Host Homes in Toronto


Jewish National Fund of Toronto

700-1000 Finch Ave. West
Toronto, ON, M3J 2V5
Tel: 416.638.7200
Fax: 416.638.7345

Jeff Springer
Executive Director
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext. 126
Email: jeff.springer@jnf.ca
Toby York
Donations and Tickets
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext. 123
Email: toby.york@jnf.ca

Ruchie Shainhouse
Program Director
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext. 145
Email: ruchama.shainhouse@jnf.ca

Wendy Peters
Advertising Opportunities
Tel: 416.638.7200 ext. 133
Email: wendy.peters@jnf.ca


What is the project for this year?

This year we will be offering the option to donate to three different projects in Israel:

Aleh – Aleh-Negev is a residential campus near Be’er Sheva that services severely handicapped adults. They are currently building a rehab hospital.

The Migal research institute – the research institute who is currently working on the COIVD vaccine. This project is a partnership with KKL.

Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital – Eitanim is located just outside of Jerusalem and needs renewed and expanded therapeutic garden spaces.

What if we are not allowed to be in our hosts’ homes even in November?

JNF has a “Plan B” for the event. In such a case we would instead continue with the online programming but deliver meals to individual’s homes. Individuals will be able to opt into the delivered meals or request a refund.

Should JNF know that the small gatherings will not be permitted prior to advertising and ticket/table purchasing, the event itself would become Plan B, with the program virtual and meals delivered to each home.

Who do I contact if I would like to purchase a table or host?

JNF Toronto Program Director, Ruchie Shainhouse at ruchama.shainhouse@jnf.ca or by phone at 416.638.7200 ext. 145.

Unfortunately, I am going to be in Florida by November 15th. Can I still participate?

Yes, one of the advantages of having the Negev Dinner in this fashion is that you can host “snowbirds” in your Florida home. JNF can get you the name of a kosher caterer in your area in which you can make the arrangements.

What is the price of a ticket?

Regular Tickets – $400 each, $200 tax receipt.

JNF Future Tickets (Ages 25-40) – $180 each, no receipt.

What is the pricing for a Table?

1. Governor table – $25,000: Includes dinner for up to 20 guests and a complimentary full page ad in the Tribute Journal. Each additional guest is $250.

2. Chai table – $18,000: includes dinner for up to 14 guests and a full page ad in the Tribute Journal. Each additional guest is $250.

3. Sponsor table – $10,000: includes dinner for up to 10 guests and a 1⁄2 page ad in the Tribute Journal. Each additional guest is $250

4. Friend – $5,000 sponsorship – Guests are $250 each and includes a complimentary 1⁄2page ad in the Tribute Journal.

5. JNF Future including dinner – $1,800 (incl. 8 guests, additional guests $180).

Each table purchaser will receive a complimentary ad in the program (as indicated) and recognition at the chosen project site in Israel. Tax receipts will be issued for the full amount minus $2,000.

When will tickets be on sale?

Early September.