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The Wendy Eisen & Carole Zucker JNF Fund

Anti-Semitism, often conveniently disguised as anti-Zionism, has reasserted itself on the global landscape with frightening intensity. From BDS to the re-emergence of neo-Nazi and nationalist movements, the Jewish people and the Jewish state are being targeted worldwide in increasingly normalized manifestations of unrepentant hate.

This crisis has led JNF to establish a Fund from the proceeds of the 2019 JNF Negev Dinner to benefit the Canadian Coalition to Defeat Anti-Semitism (CCDA), newly created by CIJA.

This Fund will provide participating Israeli and Canadian coalition members with resources for innovative programs and initiatives directed at arresting and reversing the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist wave within civil society.

Programs will range from providing campus leaders with an unfiltered Israel experience, to training academics in strategies to recognize, address and confront anti-Semitic trends, to dialogues with global experts and diverse Canadian audiences.

This is a transformational initiative. Let us stand up and be counted!

The Honourees

Wendy Eisen

Wendy Herman Eisen was born in Toronto and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University.

Through voluntary and philanthropic activities, Wendy continues to exhibit
a passionate commitment to the welfare of the Jewish people, while being
actively involved in Citipark, her family’s eighty-year old parking company.
Wendy played a prominent role in the global campaign to liberate Jews from the Soviet Union. Following the parting of the Iron Curtain in 1991, she
chronicled the success of the Soviet Jewry campaign through the publication of her book Count Us In — the Struggle to Free Soviet Jews.

Wendy was the founding chair of the Holy Blossom Temple Foundation and
she assumed the co-chairmanship of Toronto’s 1995 UJA Campaign. She has
led UIA Missions to Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Argentina and Israel.
Wendy and her husband Elliott have served as co-chairs of the Canadian
Friends of the Israel Museum since 2001. They have four married daughters
and nine grandchildren.

Carole Zucker

Carole Herman Zucker has always embraced a passion for philanthropy,
exemplified by her lifetime commitment to many causes.
While beginning a family and attending University of Toronto, she founded
NOAR Chapter of Hadassah, and became their first President. Carole has
directed her talent for fundraising and a sincere interest in growing medical
related causes. While continuing to work in her family business, Citipark,
Carole co-chaired Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary galas and then in 1985 was
elected President. In 2004 Carole was Co-President of Israel Cancer Research
Fund (ICRF) directing the charity to soar to new heights via chairing and
fundraising for many ICRF events.
Throughout these commitments, Carole devoted time to chair UJA’s Lion
of Judah and Atarah divisions. She presently continues as Co-President of
Hadassah’s Noar Chapter. Together with her husband Dr. Bernard Zucker,
Carole enjoys being involved with their many children and grandchildren.



Dinner Chairs
Wendy and Stephen Cole
Ariella Rohringer and Earl Rotman
Jackie and Michael Shulman

Honourary Chairs
Professor Irving Abella
Marilyn and Charles A. Baillie
Dr. Michael Baker
Fran and Lawrence Bloomberg
Paul Bronfman
Sue and George Cohon
Tony Comper
Ariela and The Hon. Irwin Cotler
Senator Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski
Gail and Senator Irving Gerstein
Anne Golden
Carole and Senator Jerry Grafstein
Julia Koschitzky and Henry Koschitzky
Robert Lantos
Dr. Joe Lebovic
Dr. Wolf Lebovic
Pauline Menkes
Audrey and David Mirvish
Janice and Earle O’Born
Lynda and Jonas Prince
Sandy and Alan Posluns
Heather Reisman and Gerald Schwartz
Rosalie and Isadore Sharp
Geraldine Sherman and Robert Fulford
Fran and Ed Sonshine
Rabbi Yael Splansky
Maureen and Wayne Squibb

Executive Committee
Danielle Adler
Jodi and Steven Bager
Barbara and Henry Bank
Joan Garson and David Baskin
Brent and Lynn Belzberg
Tammy and Paul Brown
Elliott Eisen
Jay and Vered Feldman
Tamara and Gary Fine
Shelley Fine
Abbie Goldhar
Jennifer and Willie Godfrey
Karen Goldenberg and Sydney Goldenberg
Bradley Goldhar
Kitty and George Grossman
Pearl and Mark Gryfe
Mary Ellen Herman
Lianne and Bruce Leboff
Micki and Sam Mizrahi
Neil Nisker
June and Franco Ntazinda
Lesley Offman
Elisa and Gil Palter
Karen Simpson Radomski
Lori and Jeff Rosenthal
Lori Rosenthal
Allen Ruben
Ron Schwarz
Winston Siegel
Robin and Bill Sims
Joe Trager
Jerry Werger
Frank A. Wilson
Dr. Bernie Zucker

Tribute Committee
Rosanne and Steve Ain
Joy Wagner Arbus and Dr. Gerald Arbus
Robert and Sharron Beder
Tobie and Ted Bekhor
Laura and Dennis Bennie
Tiana Koffler Boyman and Marc Boyman
Yetta Bregman
Judy Bronfman and Howard Bernick
The Hon. Sandra Chapnik
Ricky and Peter Cohen
Clara and Richard Cooper
Stacey and David Cynamon
Elli Davis and Paul Wise
Peggy and Phil DeZwirek
Janette and Michael Diamond
Karen and Stephen Diamond
Richard Diamond
Shelly and Mark Diamond
Tina and Carey Diamond
Eleanor Dover
Lisa and Phil Draper
Dr. Mary Elliott and Dr. Mark Minden
Carolyn and Larry Farkas
Toby and Saul Feldberg
Lois and George Fine
Vera and Larry Finkelstein
Phyllis and Ab Flatt
Leslie Gales and Keith Ray
Sandy Gertner
Fran Giddens
Sala and Leo Goldhar
Bonnie and David Goldstein
Maxine Granovsky Gluskin and Ira Gluskin
Toddy and Irving Granovsky
Stacey and Bram Granovsky
Harold Heilbut
Alison Himel
Shanitha Kachan and Gerry Sheff
Elise and Harvey Kalles
Carrie Katz and Syd Streicher
Helen Kerzner
Miriam Kerzner
Debbie and Warren Kimel
Sarena and David Koschitzky
Nancy Kraft
Glennie and Nathan Lindenberg
Mark Liss
Sharon London Liss
Mary and Freddy Litwin
Lorraine and Donald Loeb
Gay and Gerry Lokash
Menkes Family
Renee and Ken Metrick
Faye Minuk
Tracey Moseson and Yehuda Moseson
Randy Noble
Lori Noble
Penny Offman
Sarah and Morris Perlis
Jill and Joel Reitman
Helaine and Lionel Robins
Malka and Harry Rosenbaum
Millard Roth
Patty and David Rubin
Matthew Sapera and Darren Sukonick
Carol and Lionel Schipper
Eleanor and Gerry Shear
Lynn and Skip Sigel
Alan and Hinda Silber
Louise Starkman
Debra Stone
Carole and Howard Tanenbaum
Ruthy Tanenbaum
Joyce and Marvin Tanner
Joy Wagner Arbus
Dodi Weill
Sasha and Tom Weisz
Judy and Jack Winberg
Ros and Stan Witkin
Elizabeth Wolfe
Sara Zagdanski

JNF Toronto

Winston Siegel

Immediate Past President
Darren Slavens

Future Chairs
Danielle Faber
Jordan Waldman

Executive Director
Jeff Springer

Campaign Director
Rafi Yablonsky

Program Director
Esther Todes

JNF Canada

Wendy Eidinger Spatzner

Chief Executive Officer
Lance Davis


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When & Where

Negev Dinner 2019

NOVEMBER 24, 2019

Beanfield Centre

105 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

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2018 Sizzle Video

JNF Toronto 2018 Negev Dinner Sizzle

#TBT to just a month ago, we celebrated our 70th Annual Negev Dinner benefiting לקט ישראל Leket Israel and honouring Julie and Henry Koschitzky. JNF Toronto is very grateful to the 1,600 attendees and the evening’s sponsors and supporters who helped us raised $5.2M to ensure that almost 200,000 Israelis in need will be provided with food from Leket Israel. Thank you Redstone Pictures for making this amazing video highlighting the night!

Posted by JNF Toronto on Wednesday, December 19, 2018