Building The Foundation of Israel’s Future

Each year for Tu Bi’Shevat — the New Year of the Trees — JNF chooses a special area in Israel to plant trees or a meaningful environmental project to support in celebration of Jewish Arbor Day.

This year’s Tu Bi’Shevat campaign includes three important projects. Whether it’s rehabilitating the severely damaged Kissufim and Be’eri forests that were destroyed by terror kites from Gaza, helping children suffering from PTSD with animal-assisted therapy, or further advancing the biotechnology research centre in the Arava, your donation will make a huge impact in the lives of countless Israelis.

You have the opportunity to choose which project you would like to donate to, or you can let JNF decide to allocate the funds to areas of greatest need. Descriptions of the projects appear below.

Your support for our campaign is most appreciated.

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Rehabilitation of the Kissufim and Be’eri Forest

Over the past several months, the forest has been severely damaged by repeated terror-kite and incendiary balloon attacks sent from the Gaza Strip. Your Support will help bring back to life this once lush forest full of eucalyptus trees, green fields and colorful flowers.

Animal Assisted Therapy Centre in Sderot

Many children in Sderot suffer from PTSD due to the constant missile attacks from Gaza targeting their city. The centre will help the children of Sderot deal with their trauma through interaction with animals such as goats, mice, dogs and rabbits. This therapy is a substantial addition to the toolkit of the resilience center therapists.

Biotechnology Research Centre in the Arava

Thanks to this biotechnology research centre, the region is responsible for 60% of the total Israeli export of fresh vegetables. Today, they have shifted their research and development to medication discovery. The centre has developed a new drug in the fight against Alzheimer’s and ALS that is currently undergoing human trials.