Tu Bi’Shevat Campaign


Tu Bi’Shevat Planting in Mishmar Hanegev

What is the Project?

JNF has a 116 year history in cultivating the deserts of Israel. The methodology to irrigate and allow for trees to grow and flourish in the desert was developed by JNF thanks to the generosity of generations of donors such as yourself.

By donating to the 2018 Tu Bi’Shevat campaign JNF will be planting trees in Mishmar Hanegev, a few kilometers north of Be’er Sheva, directly playing
a role in making the desert bloom and directly benefiting the residents of the Northern Negev.

If you have any questions, kindly contact our Campaign Director, Rafi Yablonsky at 416-638-7200 ext. 137 or rafi.yablonsky@jnf.ca.

Chag Tu Bi’Shevat Sameach,

JNF Toronto

Tu Bishvat 2018