Women Who Slay is an event featuring inspiring and influential women who have carved out a space for themselves in their respective fields.

The conversation will take place at Jessgo Studios (660 Caledonia Road, Unit 105 Toronto, ON M6E 4V8) and be moderated by Alana Kayfetz, of Mom Halo. Our panelists include Alanna Fleischer of The Edible Story, Aliza Devenyi of Cured Catering, Kim Smiley of Kim Smiley and Marnie and Rena Schwartz of ViBE Studio.

Alana will dig deep into finding the secret on how our panelists discovered their special talent, and we will learn together about the challenges they faced in creating a name for themselves. Funds raised from the event will support the JNF Future Project – The Ramat HaNegev Mashabim Elementary School Library.


Aliza Devenyi, Owner of Cured Catering

Aliza Devenyi is a restauranteur and business owner from Toronto Canada. Having studied and worked in Canada, the UK, and the US; Aliza has had a unique opportunity to refine her diverse set of skills in business optimization and logistics. Currently splitting her time between consulting new concepts, while working full time overseeing her gourmet food gifting company, Cured Catering (www.ordercured.com), Aliza’s main focus is to bring efficiencies and authenticity to her various food ventures.

Alanna Fleischer, Co-Founder & Operator of The Edible Story

Alanna Fleischer is the co-founder and operator of The Edible Story. The Edible Story is a catering company and event space located in downtown Toronto that specializes in catering unique experiences and high-quality gastronomy. Their services include weddings, corporate events, cooking classes and everything in between. Alanna is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris as well as George Brown College’s culinary management and culinary Italian programs. She has spent time at Michelin-starred restaurant Enoteca La Torre. Her experience includes Calphalon Culinary Centre, Loblaws Test Kitchen, Toppits Foods and Story’s event space. As a certified sommelier and chef, she was awarded OHI’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2018 along with several other accolades based on her continuing involvement with charities.

Kim Smiley, CEO, Chief Empathy Officer & Creative Director of Kim Smiley Jewlery

Kim Smiley is igniting a compassion and fashion revolution. Harvard-educated fashion designer, empathy educator & artist, Kim has attracted international media attention for “stitching together fashion with social justice.” Dubbed the “Queen of Empathy,” Kim inspires over 275,000 followers in over 75 countries with her Empathy Empire platform. Kimsmiley.com

Marnie and Rena Schwartz, Co-Owners/Artistic Directors of ViBE Dance & Fitness Studio

Marnie and Rena Schwartz are the Co-Owners/Artistic Directors of ViBE Dance & Fitness Studio, a high-quality, non-competitive, and inclusive dance and fitness studio for all dancers! They are also the Co-Inventors/Co-Researchers of the CARTWHIRLER™, the first and only Cartwheel Mat that teaches kids to cartwheel (available on Amazon worldwide). Ontario certified teachers, kinesiologists, professional dancers, former members of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak, and motivational speakers, the dynamic duo are passionate about building confidence in dancers of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Moderated by Alana Kayfetz, Founder & CEO of Mom Halo

Alana is the CEO of The Mom Halo, Momfest, Camp Mom Halo and the voice behind the mom halo podcast. The ultimate community builder, connector and networking maven Alan loves to bridge people to one another with live events and virtual content. Alana is a mom of 3 kids under 6 years old, and her youngest child is medically complex with a condition called Myhre Sydrome, he is 1 in 36 Million. Alana has committed to raising $1 million for Sick Kids to create spaces for caregivers and parents living at Sick Kids during the hardest moments in a parents life.


This year funds will be raised for the Ramat HaNegev Mashabim Elementary School Library

Ramat HaNegev Regional Council considers the investment in innovative, high-quality education a top priority, not only for the welfare of our communities but also as a key component for the successful development of the Negev, enabling the necessary population growth. This year, your donation will help fund the Mashabim Elementary School Library. Mashabim Elementary School is the largest school in the council with over 560 students from 13 different communities. As the population grows, the school is constantly absorbing new students, ages 6-14. The library is central for the fulfillment of the school’s core values of inclusivity, independent learning, and civil responsibility. The goal is to renovate the library and create a place to transform youth into social leaders!



For JNF Future Ambassador special ticket pricing of $20, please contact Melanie Kushner at melanie.kushner@jnf.ca or call (416) 578-2181 to purchase tickets.