This Tu Bi’Shevat, Make a Difference 

Each year for Tu Bi’Shevat — the New Year of the Trees — JNF chooses a special area in Israel to plant trees or a meaningful environmental project to support in celebration of Jewish Arbor Day.


This year’s Tu Bi’Shevat campaign includes three important projects. Whether it’s rehabilitating the severely damaged Ben Shemen Forest that was damaged by fires on Lag BaOmer, helping the patients of Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital with therapeutic gardens, or Building the Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot, your donation will make a huge impact in the lives of countless Israelis.

You have the opportunity to choose which project you would like to donate to, or you can let JNF decide to allocate the funds to areas of greatest need. Descriptions of the projects appear below.

Your support for our campaign is most appreciated.

Eitanim Hospital – Therapeutic Gardens

Restoring The Ben Shemen Forest

Massive fires broke out in the spring of 2019. The blazes burned 2,000 acres badly damaging the Ben Shemen Forest, located outside Modi’in. This forest is the largest green lung in central Israel, which includes hiking routes, bicycle paths and picnic areas. The Zaglambia Martyr’s memorial, honouring the destroyed communities of southwest Poland, suffered extensive damage as well. Together, with your help, we can achieve our mission to rehabilitate and restore the beautiful Ben Shemen Forest.

Any donation made to help restore the Ben Shemen Forest will be matched, dollar for dollar.

Therapeutic gardens for the Patients of Eitanim

Medical studies have proven that being immersed in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and pain. Although situated on a beautiful Jerusalem hilltop, patients of the Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital are surrounded by decades of dilapidated concrete. With your help, we will jumpstart the healing process by giving patients a safe, outdoor therapeutic garden to enjoy.

Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot

Partner with us this Tu Bi’Shevat to help build the Beit KKL-JNF Canada House in Sderot, as we aim to close the educational achievement gap and foster academic success and empower periphery youth.

Please consider donating a Brick for $180 to help Build The Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot.

Any donation made to help build The Beit KKL JNF Canada House in Sderot will be matched, dollar for dollar.