Tzofei Tzamid: The Inclusion of Children and Youth with Disabilities

“Reflecting our belief in equality between people, equal rights and equal opportunities, we work towards tolerance and respect for all and extend our reach to as many young people as possible.” ~ Tzofei Tzamid

JNF Canada is working with Tzofei Tzamid to renovate the infrastructure of the Israeli Scout’s facilities in the city of Raanana. These renovations will ensure that the facilities are more accessible for children and youth with disabilities. The Israeli Scouts run programing for youth aged 9-21 throughout Israel. They bring together children and youth from across the spectrum of Israeli society, regardless of political, religious, or ethnic background. In addition, the Israeli Scouts promote the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities. Through the Israeli Scouts programs, children and youth in Israel are working side by side, learning leadership skills, the value of inclusive community and are developing an enhanced sense of self-image.

The Israeli Scouts have over 80,000 members throughout Israel which includes over 2,500 children and youth with disabilities. Scouts with disabilities are included in activities held within the local clubs. These activities includes attending camps, field trips and being a part of delegations which travel abroad. In addition, the Israeli Scouts have specialized groups that bring together youth with the same disabilities and online activities are made available for those with significant mobility disabilities.

Tzofei Tzamid Project Completed 2019