JNF Canada House of Excellence


The JNF Canada House of Excellence will serve as an after school, informal education, empowerment, and enrichment centre for high school youth from Sderot and its surroundings, who will be provided with the necessary tools and skills for academic and personal success.

The building will be fortified, protecting students and staff from rocket and mortar attacks and will also be accessible to people with disabilities. Its design will be invitingly clean and bright, with large windows to let in natural light, colourful wall illustrations, and open spaces, creating an environment and ambiance unlike that of a school.

The multipurpose hall will be used for workshops, lectures, performances and film screenings.



Join us for a night of fun and festivities with our hosts Yidlife Crisis and some great surprise guests. You can check out Yidlife Crisis here

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When and Where

Join us November 15, 2020 – from the comfort of your home


Night of 100 Dinners

For general inquiries about the Night of 100 Dinners please contact our office: or 204.947.0207