Yallah! Get Active For Israel

Yallah: Arabic slang for “come on!” or “let’s go!”; a playful word that means it’s time to get a move on.

Summer is here! Kick off the season with a summer challenge: From now until Sept 21, travel virtually in Israel as you exercise, hitting beautiful Israel milestones, and winning prizes while you support a great project!

1. Get Active
Shake off your winter chills. This summer, let’s get moving together! With your family or on your own, log your activities and reach your exercise and movement goals this summer!

2. Explore Israel

Every kilometer you log moves you along beautiful routes throughout Israel. At each milestone, learn about the landscape, landmarks, and JNF projects nearby, on this virtual trip to Israel.

3. Support a Project

Extra fundraising isn’t mandatory, but it’s the primary means of supporting our projects. Encourage your friends to join in! Get your biking group or swim team or yoga class to participate!

How does it work?

Run, bike, walk, roll, swim, row or yoga! Whatever you choose, log your activities, and watch yourself move along a map of your route. Any activity counts, even stationary machines! Our fitness platform, My Virtual Mission, converts your exercise into distance and keeps track of your progress along the route. Want to see where you are? Use the Google StreetView function to look around your location in Israel. There are many things to see along every route! See Instructions Tab.

This summer’s campaign is raising money for various projects that involve physical activity. While fundraising isn’t mandatory, there’s nothing better than improving the lives of others and building the State of Israel together! And, the more you raise, the better the prizes.

Everyone who completes a route gets something, but raising at least $500 gets you 10% of your fundraising dollars back to you in gift cards to national sports and health oriented stores (this is optional). Prizes will be determined on the last day of the event, September 21. For more detailed information, see Prizes TAB


If you have questions about how to sign up, click here or email us.



1. Register with JNF Canada: Choose and complete payment information. If you make an additional donation (more than just the registration fee) make sure the billing information has the name you want on your tax receipt. If you are registering someone else, their information should go in the registration section. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration, which includes a choice of links to the My Virtual Mission website (myvirtualmission.com) – see step 3. If you wish to do another route later, please register again on the Yallah webpage. No tax receipts will be issued for registration fees.

2. Email your friends and family: Let your friends, family, and colleagues know what you’re doing. They can sponsor you by going to the Yallah webpage and clicking the donation button to make a donation as your sponsor (their tax receipt will have their own name).

3. Set up your My Virtual Mission activity account: In the confirmation email from JNF Canada there are links to the virtual routes on the My Virtual Mission website. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNKMAIL. Click on the link for the route you’ve chosen, enter the access code, then either CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT or login with your existing account on MyVirtualMission.com. In your Account Settings you can add your photo and connect your social media if you wish.

4. Yallah! Get active! Each time you complete an activity, enter your distance into your account, either on the website (MyVirtualMission.com) or download the My Virtual Mission app for your phone. You can also connect Strava, Garmin or other fitness devices and apps, to automatically upload your workout – see “My Connections” on the My Virtual Mission website once you login. Use the conversion chart to convert your time doing activities that don’t involve distances (ie yoga, hockey, Stairmaster) into mileage. To do another route, just sign up again on the JNF Yallah website.

5. Explore Israel! Along your route, enjoy the view. Look around using Streetview (My Virtual Mission has a built-in button), learn about the landscape and nearby JNF projects when you receive email postcards from the landmarks you’re passing. You can share these with your supporters. Please note that Streetview is only available where Google has recorded the scenery.

6. Win prizes: At the end of the summer, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work! Everyone who completes a route will get rewarded, but anyone who fundraises $500 or more can get 10% of the value of their fundraising back in gift cards for major national sports/fitness stores. Fundraising prizes are optional. More details on Prizes TAB.

Need help? Email us



This year we are supporting the construction of an “adventure playground” on the site of the Beit Shulamit Cancer Centre, which is in Afula, near Nazareth. Please help us provide children with cancer an opportunity to play like other children.



Tour of Tel Aviv – Short Route
Meander 315km through the streets, squares, markets, and parks of Tel Aviv and surrounding suburbs.

Winery Tour – Medium Route
Pass through over 500km of winding roads in Israel’s wine country, between Haifa and Tiberias.

Hills and Valleys – Long Route
Starting in the hills of Jerusalem, wind your way down to Ashkelon, on the Mediterranean, through Be’ersheva and Sderot, past the depths of the Ramon Crater, on your way to Eilat. Make your way to the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea – then climb to Jerusalem again for a total of over 900km.



You can make your own donation, but the majority of fundraising is done through your friends, family, and colleagues. If you share the link to the Yallah webpage with them here, they can make a donation as a sponsorship of your efforts. The more you raise, the better prize you will receive. Prizes are optional and will be awarded after the High Holidays.

If you raise $500 – $999 – you will get a $50 gift card*
If you raise $1000 – $2499 – you will get a $100 gift card*
If you raise $2500 – $4999 – you will get a $250 gift card*
If you raise $5000 – $9999 – you will get a $500 gift card*
If you raise $10000+ – you will get a $1000 gift card*

*gift cards from stores such as, but not necessarily, Sports Experts, Running Room, Sporting Life, MEC, and Decathlon or others will be awarded randomly, and depending on region.

Full instructions for how to participate can be found on Instructions TAB



What if I want to do more than one route?
Sign up for one route at a time. When you complete it, return to the Yallah website to register again for your next route.

Do I have to sign up to do fundraising?
Fundraising is not required, but the idea is to enjoy this program while also helping support JNF projects in Israel. Besides, there are great prizes for fundraising over $500.

How long will this go on for?
You have until Wednesday September 21st (the last day of summer) at noon to log your mileage into the system, and to fundraise.

Is there a deadline to register?
There is no deadline. Sign up any time over the summer, up until a day before the end of the campaign on Wednesday September 21st at noon.

Can our family (or friends) participate as a team?
Of course you may work as a team (or family) to build up mileage. Simply select how many people you’re registering, and fill in the information for each registrant. If your team makes its own donation, the tax receipt will be in the name of the person who paid for the registration.

Can I do more than one kind of exercise?
You can do any kind of exercise you want, and multiple kinds. Use the conversion chart to change any exercise that doesn’t measure distance (like hockey,Stairmaster, or yoga) into mileage, or if you don’t know how far you went, but know how long you exercised.

It says I can use Strava or a Garmin or Apple watch to upload my mileage. How do I do that?
Look here for detailed instructions.

How do I use Google Streetview to look around in Israel?
Go here for instructions on how to use Streetview. Not every location has Streetview.

Will I get a charitable tax receipt?
Receipts will be issued automatically by email for donations, but no receipts will be issued for registration fees.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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