The Blue Box

The Blue Box

If you have a full Blue Box at home, you can return it to your local JNF office or contact us to have it picked up. 


The Iconic JNF Blue Box 

Found in homes, synagogues and schools, the JNF Blue Box remains the most visible symbol of the Jewish National Fund and tzedakah (charity). The Blue Box is so foundational that it was imbedded into JNF Canada’s logo. The act of collecting funds in a special box reminds Jews everywhere of our collective goal - historically and today - to build the foundations for Israel’s future. 

More than a century after its creation, the Blue Box reaffirms the deep bond linking Diaspora Jewry to the land and people of Israel. 

 Today, the Jewish National Fund is known for so much more than our Blue Boxes, but we are as proud as ever of the iconic Blue Box that built a country. 

See below for a timeline of the Blue Box as it changed over time.