Beit KKL-JNF Canada House

Building the Leaders of Israel’s Tomorrow

With the Beit KKL-JNF House in Sderot

Jewish National Fund of Canada has always been at the forefront of helping the land of Israel transform its bleak deserts into beautiful blooming green forests and lush parks. But now JNF Canada is planting a different kind of seed; we are deeply committed to supporting both Israel’s land and its people.

Partner with us this high holiday season to help build the Beit KKL-JNF Canada House in Sderot, as we aim to close the educational achievement gap and foster academic success and empower periphery youth.

“We believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things no matter where in Israel he or she was born, and that our role is to make the resources required for this available to them,” said Avi Musan, KKL-JNF Houses Director. “The houses will be open to every teenager who wants to succeed, and we will provide them with all assistance so that they can develop their capabilities. This is a one-of-a-kind anchor that is unparalleled in the State of Israel.”

The Beit KKL-JNF Canada House in Sderot, the city closest to the Gaza border, will serve as an after-school education, empowerment, and enrichment center for high school students from Sderot and its surroundings, who will be provided with the necessary tools and skills for academic and personal success.

The building will be fortified, protecting students and staff from rocket and mortar attacks and will also be accessible to people with disabilities. Its design will be invitingly clean and bright, with large windows to let in natural light, colorful wall illustrations, and open spaces, creating an environment and ambiance unlike that of a school.

The Beit KKl_JNF Canada House will be surrounded by a courtyard for outdoor studies and comprise learning spaces of different sizes and relaxation areas equipped with a variety of educational and multimedia resources to encourage creative learning based on the edutainment model of informal education. The House will be divided into classrooms, a multipurpose hall, meeting room, patio, kitchenette and a unique experiential learning hub. The classrooms are designed to contain small learning groups, except for one large classroom (that can be divided into two), and a computer lab with the latest equipment. The multipurpose hall will be used for workshops, lectures, performances and film screenings. The hub is an open space with poufs, armchairs, sofas, and video game consoles.

“I feel that I’ve really been seen for the first time.” — Hannah, Beit KKL-JNF Canada House in Nazareth student

“We hope that each of the participants will start believing that not even the sky is the limit for them. The young people are enthusiastic and motivated to be partners in this process.” — Omer Harpaz, director of the Upper Nazareth house.

Be a partner . . .

In creating a bright future for the youth of Sderot

Be an agent for change . . .

You can help impact the lives of Sderot’s youth by providing them with an engaging learning hub and inviting “second home”, thereby helping reduce prevailing social and educational disparities and creating a healthier society.

Plant seeds of success . . .

By giving young people the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of a supportive and empowering learning environment and a venue promoting social mobility for the residents of Sderot.