Yona was born with a complex multi-disability injury. He is completely dependent on nursing care but has high cognitive ability and personal and social awareness. His parents found it difficult to take care of him and divorced when he was a young boy.

Since then, Yona has been living in a residential facility for the severely handicapped. While the facility provides him with physical support, it does not serve his cognitive needs. Currently in Israel, there is no suitable solution for people like Yona – someone with severe physical disability but normative cognitive abilities.

This Tu Bi’Shevat, join us as we build a home for Yona.


Community Housing for Adults with Disabilities
Kav Lachayim has begun plans for two housing units that will allow for communal adult living. The premise is simple: A welcoming and well-designed home within Kibbutz Hagoshrim, where residents with disabilities have their needed services but also employment within the community, and importantly, daily encounters with other residents and local neighbours alike.

In Yona’s own words, “The house in Hagoshrim will be my first real house; the place I have dreamed of my whole life, a place where I will be seen.“

Rejuvenating a Beloved Forest
In the spirit of Tu Bi’Shevat (New Year of Trees), we will also be fundraising for the Segev Forest. For over 70 years, the Segev Forest has provided the shade of trees, unique flowers and wildlife, walking and cycling trails, and incredible archaeological sites to the many communities of the lower Galilee. But it’s old and damaged, and in need of rehabilitation.  The rejuvenation of this beloved forest will serve both people and wildlife now and for future generations.

Now it’s time for us to care for the forest in return.

Would you consider making a $200 gift to lay a symbolic brick and plant a tree?

By increasing your gift to $1,000+, you will receive a beautiful handmade Iron Dome mezuzah created by an Israeli artisan as a token of our appreciation.