Tech in the Trenches

Sustaining Israel’s Economy During Crisis

Tech in the Trenches

Sustaining Israel’s Economy During Crisis


Resilience in the Trenches: Sustaining Israel’s Economy During Crisis

An online discussion with: 

Chemi Peres, Co-Founder, Pitango Venture Capital
Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority
Avi Hasson, CEO, Startup National Central
Sylvan Adams, Philanthropist

Israel has experienced its most devastating terror attack since its inception, resulting in the loss of more than 1,400 lives with unimaginable brutality, the kidnapping of hundreds of people, and the ongoing bombing throughout the country.

In addition to the personal toll on Israeli citizens, the Hamas attacks have also had tremendous impact on the economy of the Startup Nation. 

The attacks have created challenges of infrastructure damage as well as over 15% of the high-tech sector’s workforce being called up for reserve duty. Financial investment has come to a stop and this capital investment is the lifeblood of the economic and mental health of untold number of citizens working to support their families. Something needs to be done so that the Hamas attacks don't also destroy vital Israeli businesses supporting the Israeli economy and thousands of families. 

 Join us and hear how some of Israel most prominent people in the ecosystem are paving the way to create opportunities to help those in need!