Trees & Tributes

Tree Cards

For decades, JNF Canada has been known for planting trees. While our work has since expanded beyond greening Israel, we are proud of the millions of trees planted through our iconic tree cards and tree banks. By planting a tree with JNF,  you can participate in building the land of Israel and carry out a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. 

It costs $18 to plant a tree. Depending on your donation, either a card or certificate will be sent to your recipient. 

    • For gifts of $18-$90, a Tree Card will be sent to your recipient (view our tree card selection below)
    • For gifts of $90+, a Tree Certificate will be sent to your recipient.

Our tree cards and certificates feature artwork of five symbolic Israeli trees, and includes an explanation of the importance of that tree in Israel. Choose from Jerusalem Pine, Olive tree, Fig tree, Palm tree, and Acacia tree. Artwork by designer Yehuda Lang.  

If you are interested in sending more than one card at a time, consider purchasing a Tree Bank (a bank of credits that can be used at any time).