Educators Mission 2024

Educators Mission 2024

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Principals, teachers, educators, and colleagues! You're invited to the 2024 JNF World Education Seminar! 

Special Focus: 
October 7th Tribute: Educators will meet with displaced families, refugees in their own country, volunteering to pass on the stories of October 7th and its impact. 

To ensure that we will not forget and will continue to fight for the truth and the future of the state of Israel, as well as our responsibility for the education of the future generation. 

Seminar’s Route: 
9-11 July 2024: Galilee and Kinneret surroundings 
11-16 July 2024: Jerusalem, Negev, and Tel Aviv 

Mission Highlights: 
Explore JNF sites and projects, focusing on Gaza's surrounding areas. 
Discover Jewish heritage and historical sites. 
Learn about Israel's education systems and environmental challenges. 
Volunteer in war-affected farms. 
Engage in workshops and discussions on educational issues. 
Empower yourself as an educational model. 
Access JNF's educational materials for future leadership empowerment. 

Terms of Participation: 
Land cost: $350 USD
Travel expenses are the participant's responsibility. 
Lead a project based on seminar experiences in coordination with JNF. 

 Join us and be part of shaping the future!

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