Jewish National Fund of Canada | Lavi Field & Forest ClubThe Lavi Field and Forest Centre is normally used as a sleepover educational center for students, has become home to

JNF Projects in Action during Crisis

JNF Projects in Action during Crisis

JNF Projects in Action during Crisis

Lavi Field & Forest Club

The Lavi Field and Forest Centre is normally used as a sleepover educational center for students, has become home to many of the evacuated residents. Here, families each have their own secure cabin and are being cared for with kids education and activities, warm meals, counseling services and quiet nature. We heard from one of the coordinators that families who lost a family member are not able to be apart from each other, doing all activities side by side and unable to leave each other, even to go to the bathroom. 

Fidel Youth Club (Be'er Sheva)
A Builder (project donor) was concerned for the kids of the Fidel Youth Club they funded last year. We were all relieved to learn the youth had been evacuated to the north, and their club director was in touch with them every day, providing them continued therapy and support throughout this extremely traumatic and disruptive time. The staff of youth clubs like Fidel are dedicated to their students and are ensured continued support and presence even remotely. Similarly, the Builders who fund JNF projects are deeply connected to, and thinking about, the well-being of the kids in their projects. 

Sderot Resilience Centre
Sderot Resilience Centre continues to reach Sderot residents who have been evacuated. There are professionals assigned to each patient and they are still supporting and counseling them remotely. We are hearing stories from nurses who are caring for people who are not eating and not sleeping. Mayor Alon Davidi remains one of the few civilians left in Sderot, supporting the emergency squads in addressing the carnage his city faced. 

Glassman PTSD and Health Centre at Hertzog Hospital (Jerusalem)
A report from Dr. Yehezkel Caine, Director of the Herzog Medical Hospital: “The hospital currently has 4 teams dispatched, providing PTSD services for evacuees. It is clear to us from previous experience that what we see at the moment doesn't represent the totality of the problem. That will come in another couple of months (or, more precisely, a couple of months after the stress of the war dies down). We are planning to run additional courses to prepare more people to deal with the next phase... So, that is the picture at the end of the fourth week of the war. Unfortunately, it’s clear this is going to be a very long haul so we have to plan for the long term. 

Western Canada House Shelter (Rishon L’Tzion)
The shelter opened its doors the week after October 7th (earlier than expected due to the urgent needs). The shelter is a safe house for women and children escaping domestic violence and abuse at home. Although normally it can take months to obtain final occupancy permits, we heard in mid-October from the shelter's director that the process was expedited to ensure these women and children were protected during this increasingly vulnerable time. JNF Canada funded this project in collaboration with No2Violence, thanks to the generous support of the JNF Manitoba/Saskatchewan and Pacific regions.

Sheltered Educational Room (B’Nei Netzarim)
This project we funded in 2022 provided protection for B’Nei Netzarim residents, some of whom stayed in the facility for 18 hours until being rescued. The original intent for the project was to provide the community’s children a safe place to play and learn during the times when rockets are falling in the region and it is unsafe to travel to the local school. We never imagined that it would be utilized while terrorists rampaged through the Gaza Envelope.   

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