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Women's Training and Empowerment Centre

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In the city of Lod, 36% of the city's residents make under minimum wage and live below the poverty line. Most families are Ethiopian, have language and cultural gaps, and struggle to integrate into the employment market and society. One of the most important things parents and young adults can do is find respectable sources of work, which in turn feeds their sense of value, education of the next generation, and sense of belonging the city and the State of Israel. JNF is partnering to support the Education and Society in Lod Association, who have provided professional training and employment support to empower these families for more than a decade. 

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The Association recently purchased a building from one of the city's residents, a Holocaust survivor who deeply supported their mission and activities. With JNF, they plan to build a Women's Training & Empowerment Center to provide computer classes, Hebrew lessons, fiscal planning support, family aid, education for children and youth, and traditional Ethiopian cultural activities. The center will serve 100 families in its first year, and 500 by its third year. 

Lod is 15km southeast of Tel Aviv. 

About The Education and Society in Lod Association
The Education and Society in Lod Center, operating for over a decade, is a non-government association with a mission to promote and develop the city of Lod and the Old City in particular. The association is active in the fields of community education and poverty management and directly affects tens of thousands of its residents. The association also employs and trains hundreds of employees and volunteers, particularly women and new immigrants.