PROJECTS | Community Development

Kibbutz Kissufim

Supporting a Community in Shock

Following the October 7 terror attacks, 65,000 people have been evacuated from the Gaza envelope. Many of them lost everything: homes, lives and much more. They have been relocated to hotels and shelters where they are safe. But temporary life is difficult, and they will need to go back home soon.

JNF organizations around the world have decided to adopt a community from the Gaza envelope to help rebuild the infrastructure and allow the evacuees to return home as soon as possible. JNF Canada decided to adopt Kibbutz Kissufim, a small town of 300 people that was badly hit by rockets.

Devastatingly, 16 members were murdered by Hamas, three kidnapped and dozens were injured. Residents of Kissufim are experiencing loss, grief, and social isolation. What happened in Kibbutz Kissufim on Oct 7th cannot be put into words. JNF Canada is determined to build a safe place for the residents to return and feel at home again. 

The residents have Kissufim have painfully evaluated the damage in their community and reached to us in Canada for support to help them with a number of critical rebuilding projects. These include: 
Rebuilding the daycare for children to have a safe and engaging space while parents return to work and rebuild their lives 
Rebuilding the community centre, hosting many of the kibbutz's community activities. 
Building a youth centre for activities, 2 therapy rooms, a games room - this will be a safe space for teenagers to gather, get support, and form important social bonds with others going through the same healing process. 
Building a therapy clinic, which will serve as the central place for Kissufim residents to access mental health support
Building a social club - socializing is an absolute necessity in the healing process, fighting isolation, depression, and anxiety. Engaging with moments of joy during hardship is the ultimate symbol of resilience and a mitzvah for the Jewish people.