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Family Support Apartments

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The Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer is one of the biggest hospitals in the Middle East, known globally for its phenomenal children's cancer research. In 2007, a non-profit partner Rachashei Lev opened a unique home within the hospital grounds, offering children and their parents full accommodation free of charge so that families can live close to the hospital, in comfort and security, while undergoing heart-wrenching treatments for childhood cancer. Having close family support is crucial for children as well as adult patients who are battling intensive treatments. 

Sheba Medical Centre also specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of serious injuries in battle and other environments. (They are so prolific in this, they have sent teams to Ukraine to help set up field hospitals.) The patients who arrive are the most severe and difficult asualties and require prolonged surgeries and long-term rehabilitation.

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In the first week after the horrific Oct 7th attacks, the hospital is filling quickly with patients with complicated and urgent injuries. They have opened the available family apartments to the families of these patients, who come from across the country, so they can stay with their loved ones while they undergo their treatments. With the increased demand from families of wounded soldiers, they need to quickly renovate and split the current apartments into two thereby doubling the number of families served for a total of 40 apartments. Each suite will consist of a bedroom, a kitchenette, private bathroom and a balcony. Renovations include new flooring, electrical, paint, plumbing, replacement of doors and installation of more countertops and sinks. 

It's not known how long this crisis will continue, and they need to be ready to provide long-term care to patients and their families during this horrible time.

Tel Hashomer is near Ramat Gan, just outside of Tel Aviv.