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Bomb Shelter Upgrade

Who You Will Help 

We've spent decades supporting social infrastructure in Sderot, Be'er Sheva, Ashkelon and other periphery communities in the Gaza envelope, knowing that they receive less support and services than metropolitan centres. We've built close relationships with their community leaders and residents, and we will be there for them now in their darkest days. These attacks have destroyed many communities, but they will never destroy our spirit. We stand together, as one Jewish community, ready to help Israelis in this unimaginable time.

Your Donation will Fund

Be'er Sheva is urgently collecting funds to renovate an existing bomb shelter which, due to lack of use in past years, has fallen into disrepair. It requires an upgraded ventilation and A/C system, a new heavy-duty interior lock and security features, cleaning and installation of new furniture. These upgrades will make it ready to protect citizens of Be'er Sheva in the coming weeks, and years ahead. 
During peacetime, the shelter is used for a club for youth at risk. These clubs provide a safe, supportive environment for teens that are often on the streets after school hours. A clean, upgraded space will be a place where they feel valued and cared for.

Location: Be'er Sheva is the largest city in the Negev Desert, and the fourth most populated in Israel.