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Fidel Youth Centre

October 2023 Update 
Following October 7th, the Builders who funded the Fidel Centre reached out to JNF Canada concerned about the wellbeing of the youth at the centre. The Fidel staff sent an update, that displaced youth were being supported remotely, and that other students who faced school closures and other disruptions to everyday life were still coming to the centre daily for support and routine.

Who we helped
Ethiopian-Israeli families and their children face language, employment and socio-cultural barriers and struggle to adjust when integrating into Israel society. The Fidel Youth Education Centre serves as a central meeting place for Ethiopian youth in Be'er Sheva, offering a safe place to gather as well as extra-curricular computer, music and art classes, a learning centre, and recreational sports. The Centre also provides personal support to any youth in the club. 

JNF donations funded
The existing infrastructure of the Centre is old and in need of critical repairs: upgrading the floors and bathrooms, full kitchen renovation, fresh paint throughout the building, replacing broken doors and windows, and the creation of a new computer room. LocationBe'er Sheva is the largest city in the Negev Desert, and the fourth most populated in Israel.

Fidel Association
Fidel was established by native and Ethiopian-Israelis to support a socially and economically integrated Ethiopian community, proud of its unique identity, sharing strengths with Israeli society and participating in leadership. Fidel offers skills, knowledge and confidence-building programs throughout Israel and serves 8,000 children, teens and parents each year.